Family Guy: (S15E07) “High School English”

This episode is a shout to American Classic Literature. Family Guy style; unbelievable and all over the place.  However, this silliness just may get the curious and inquiring mind wanting to know more or what really happened. Getting children…and adults to read is always a plus, during these cyber times of instant gratification. 

 It starts with Peter trapped in a rich family’s library, after he crashes into their home while driving. As he waits for his inevitable arrest, he talks to the audience and decides to read the books he never read in school. A synopsis follows; “Petah” Griffin style.

 F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, stars and is narrated by Stewie as Nick Carraway.  During a chance meeting, Nick meets neighbor Jay Gatsby (Brian), a rich guy who he finds is in love with his cousin, Daisy (Lois) He sets up a rendezvous.  What follows is a series of events that is the tragedy of a traditional romantic triangle. With Daisy in love (or loyal) with Tom (her husband, played by Peter) and Gatsby (her former lover) Tragedy strikes after she makes her choice. Gatsby is killed.  Right here, I encourage you to read the book;  or just take the “F” if doing a paper for a grade.

 In the meantime, Peter escapes to the attic, as the police search the house. Yet the police hear him after he finds a chest of old clothes and he pretends to be a pirate in a chef’s hat. His “arrrgh” in pirate swag, brings attention to his location. Before he is captured, he tells the tale of  Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn (Peter) meets Tom Sawyer (Chris) He leaves his mom, Widow Douglas (Lois) and moves in with his abusive and drunkard dad (Stewie). He fakes his death, using a pig’s blood (Brian) and runs away. He meets runaway slave Big Jim (Cleveland) two con men (Quagmire and Joe) and goes to a Rush concert with Tom. Again, read the book.

The Final story,  John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men is told while Peter is being arrested, cuffed and on his knees, he tells the police, “eat my ass, pigs” He’s then beaten and allowed to finish the story. This I must say was the funny of this episode for me. It was so random and I  just never saw it coming! 

The Great Depression of the 1930’s is the setting. George (Stewie) and the slow witted Lenny (Chris) are looking for work. Slim (Peter) hires them to work on his pup farm. Curley (Quagmire) and wife (Meg) are neighbors. During a scuffle caused by Curley’s wife, he is hurt by Lenny. Also a pup (Brian) is gifted from Slim. Lenny squeezes it to death in a show of love and thanks.   Lenny also kills Curley’s wife after a misunderstanding of the meaning of tease and seduction. Being the good friend, George comes through for Lenny; literally bringing his suffering and the story to an end. George closes the show with well wishes to the children in completing their book reports;  aforementioned, that ain’t gonna’ happen unless you…read the book.  The End! 

I enjoyed the show, being a reader I know the works showcased here and appreciate the humor.  No literary work was damaged nor harmed during the filming of this episode. We’re “Lucky there’s a Family Guy!”