Last Man On Earth (S03E07) “Mama’s Hideaway”

Review: Now that she’s Gail’s daughter, Carol wants to do everything a normal family does, and that includes taking a family photo. But when Gail realizes they are all wearing matching outfits, she doesn’t want to do it anymore. Carol keeps bothering Gail about the photo and Gail gets sick of it, so she goes to her secret hideaway on the roof of the building, but Carol finds her spot and starts criticizing Gail for drinking too much. As a result mother and daughter are fighting again and Gail has to find a new place to hide. She goes out to buy more booze and finds a new hideout in one of the other 4 buildings. But right when she’s in the elevator, the power goes out. Tandy and Lewis fix it, but because the power has been going out in all the buildings a few times lately, they think it’s better to only leave on the power of their building, which means that Gail is stuck in an elevator in a different building and nobody knows where she is. At least she has alcohol and her accordion…..

Meanwhile, Todd apologizes to Melissa for his outburst we saw a week ago, but it doesn’t matter to her anymore. Now that it’s clear that she wants kids and he doesn’t (right now), Melissa breaks up with him. Todd tells Tandy about it and he goes over to Melissa to see if she’s doing alright. She isn’t… She comes up to Tandy and tells him that they are going to make a baby. Tandy obviously refuses, which shows that Tandy  has grown a lot since season 1, when all he wanted to do was have sex with Melissa. However, his petty side does come back when Todd tells him that Melissa proposed the same thing to Lewis and Tandy tries to find out whether she asked him first or Lewis.

To get back to Melissa, she has really lost it. She is walking around with a baby doll, pretending it is her baby Alden, but also knowing it is actually a doll. Her scenes are hilarious and sad at the same time. Todd still cares a lot about her and tries to look out for her even though they’ve broken up now, but Melissa doesn’t want any of it. And without knowledge of the group, she flees, leaving behind Alden and a goodbye note.

This week’s smaller storyline, that’s possibly important in the future, focuses on Lewis, who is inspired after the trip to Seattle and tries to learn how to fly in a flight simulator so that one day he might be able to go to Tokyo and to find Mark. I think it’s great how Lewis fits in with the rest of the gang now, he seems to be fine with the quirks of everybody.

There was a lot going on this week, most importantly of course Gail and Melissa who need to be found by the rest of the gang as soon as possible. We know Carol is looking for Gail to apologize to her for their fight, so maybe they will find her in the other building. Gail used a car to get there, maybe that gets the attention of the rest of the group, who knows. But for now things aren’t looking good for her.

I wonder where Melissa could’ve gone to. I like where the writers are taking this storyline and I think January Jones has been rocking it this season. Melissa has become a very interesting character and the way January is portraying her is great.

Two cliffhangers and once again we have to wait for two weeks to find out what happens…

Rating: 9/10

Man, I love Todd.