Legends of Tomorrow (S02E05) “Compromised”

The Legends travel to the 80’s when President Regan and Gorbachev are about to end The Cold War, but Damien Dahrk has other plans. Meanwhile Professor Stein must deal with the fact that his younger self has reentered the picture and is now in the line of fire.

Jefferson is introducing the Legends this week, with a genuinely 80s soundtrack and wardrobe. The Reverse Flash aids Damien Darhk in not only killing off some DEA agents, but also the drug dealers he was engaging in business with. Naturally, RF offers Darhk a chance to get some real power.

Jefferson and Stein are having a classic time travel argument while Mick is training Ray to be his partner and the next person to wield the cold gun. It does not go well. RIP Mick’s no doubt delicious beer.

In the search for time quakes, Nate created a ‘time seismograph’. As it turns out, the time quake is coming from the White House in 1987, at the most dangerous time of the Cold War.

The team has their assignments: Nate and Amaya are reaching out to the JSA in 1987 to look for intel on what might be happening at 1600 Penn, while Ray, Mick, Sara and the Firestorm team head to the White House to see if there is anyone who means to harm the two most powerful men at the time: Ronald Regan and Mikhail Gorbachev.

At the abandoned JSA building, Amaya regrets not being there for what may have happened. In the rafters, a mysterious shadow looms above the heroes.

As with any mission the Legends go on, there is a complication in the White House. It seems that Dr. Stein was not only advising on the nuclear arms agreement, but also active in the President’s house. To make matters worse, it seems Damien Darhk is advising the White House.

Making an unannounced visit, Obsidian drops down from the ceiling, and begs Amaya to know why she left the team. Before he can get an answer, Nate knocks him out cold.

Just as Sara is about to make her move on Ambassador Darhk, a secret service member stops her and of course, all hell breaks loose; including the cold gun and the heat gun having their streams crossed. Any Flash fans may remember, that is always a bad idea. Thankfully Firestorm comes in and ends the scene.

Back at the JSA, Obsidian recounts how the team was lost on a mission in Leipzig, but he stayed behind since the government thought he “couldn’t be trusted”.

Back on the ship, Gideon leads the team to the discovery that Darhk is stockpiling nuclear armaments, and his meeting is with a KGB operative to effectively hurt the United States. To make matters worse, young Martin Stein (yet again) enters the picture and discovers that Dahrk is up to no good.

Realizing his foolish actions, the young Marty tries to leave, but instead gets stabbed. Thankfully, future tech aids in a speedy recovery and a very pissed off old Marty is left wondering how young Marty could have forgotten his wife on her birthday.

In an attempt to locate Damien Darhk, the team enlists Obsidian to take down Damien and safe the INF Deal.

With invites to the dinner, the Legends (entering in slo -mo thanks to Kenny Loggins) are on the hunt for Mr. Darhk. Not only does old Marty get to dance with his younger wife, but when cornered Damien plays the 80’s villain role perfectly and announces that there is a bomb somewhere in the White House.

The ensuing brawl leads in Steel being a total bad-ass and showing the bad guys who’s boss. RIP Mary Todd Lincoln’s hope chest.

Now that Ray and Mick have the attention of the dining room, the bomb must be disabled. The man who can science his way out of anything remembers who he is and manages to save the day with Mick at his side.

Managing put the smack down on a massive Russian, Captain Sara comes the aid of Amaya and Obsidian just in the nick of time. With Obsidian being shot, Sara must take on Damien and even steals the mysterious item that the Russians gave Darhk.

Just as Sara is about to put the verbal smack-down on Damien, familiar red lightning appears and the ex-League of Assassins member is gone.

Working with the information that Sara gave him, Damien begs the Reverse Flash to help him alter time and change his destiny. Revealing the time machine from the end of the first season of The Flash, Damien Darhk steps inside and the two evil men are off to change their fates.

Honestly, what’s not to love about this episode? Mick being pissed off about Ray for crossing the streams, Obsidian being a total geriatric badass, and of course the 80’s soundtrack. Hopefully, more of Barry’s future message plays into the future episodes, especially since Jax and Stein are still embroiled in their time travel arguments about changing the future for the better. 9/10