Lucifer (S02E09) “Homewrecker” Review

Lucifer tries to get Amenadiel to fall in love with Los Angeles but his brother isn’t interested. Lucifer talks to Linda how it irks him that Amenadiel doesn’t share his view on LA being home but she brings up a good point. Only two types of people come to LA: Those running from something and those looking for something. On a sad note, Lucifer’s shady land lord, Cooper turns up dead and his son seeks to liquify all of his father’s assets including Lux! Now more emotionally invested in the case, Lucifer helps Chloe try and solve the murder while also trying to find ways to keep his club and home. Maze suspects Mom of being up to something but Amenadiel doesn’t believe his mother is trying to destroy Lux… Mom steals a client from another shady lawyer, a bomb expert that Dan had been taken in for questioning. There seems to be a spark between Charlotte and Dan (that’s important for later). Lucifer and Chloe go to see Cooper Jr but he lands on a car after jumping off the building he works in.


Somehow Cooper Jr is alive but in a body cast. His fiancé vouches for his alibi and Lucifer and Chloe find out that Cooper Jr had sold all the property to Eleanor Blum. Lucifer tries to reason with Blum but her one desire is to get everything Cooper owned and destroy it. Lux a mall? Hell no! Blum says that her accountants found some suspicious payments being made to someone so Chloe starts there. Lucifer meanwhile stops the demolition crew by throwing a party and arranging a fun sit in protest. The crew gets wild and has fun until the police come and crash the party. Chloe was investigating some professional Tempter, to whom the payments were being made to, when Dan tells her about the illegal party. She heads the police but manages to get them away at least for one more day. Mom and Amenadiel also crash the party. Mom comes to Lucifer to reconcile them. Lucifer introduces her to his therapist Linda who’s a bit tongue tied to meet the Goddess of all Creation. As Lucifer and Chloe cut a rug on the dance floor, Mom tries to get some secrets out of Linda about her son. Linda may be awestruck but she takes the doctor confidentiality vow seriously. But Linda does make an ambiguous comment directed at Chloe and Lucifer about how much Lucifer “loves” this place giving Mom an evil idea.


Maze and Amenadiel follow Mom to a bar where she meets… Dan? Amenadiel is a bit uncomfortable to see his mom flirting with a guy but the purpose of the date was to get information out of Dan about Chloe. Dan spills that Lucifer (he just calls him “there’s this guy”) may have a thing for her but he’s not sure Chloe reciprocates it. After that she tires Dan out with a hot hook up then makes a call to her bomb guy. Lucifer and Chloe surprise the professional Tempter who reveals that Cooper Sr hired him to tempt Cooper Jr’s fiancé but she didn’t go for him. But Cooper Sr wasn’t satisfied. Instead he had the Tempter forge photos of the fiancé in a compromising position. So it was the fiancé! They go to see Cooper Jr and confront his fiancé but in a surprise twist Cooper Jr confesses in order to protect her. They both confess to the crime saying they still have each other. Lucifer is confused why those two would give up everything. Lucifer decides Lux is just a building and he could always find another one but Chloe comes and tells him that she helped to make Lux an historical landmark preventing it from ever being torn down. Lucifer asks Chloe out for dinner as a thank you. Confused about why Chloe would do such a wonderful thing he goes to see Linda who reiterates: Are you running from something or looking for something. She believes he may have found it. Lucifer realizes that he may be in love with Chloe. So he stands her up. Seeing that Lucifer isn’t coming Chloe makes it to go home but a bomb is strapped to her car and Mom is holding the trigger believing that if Chloe was gone LA would no longer be home.


I give this episode an A-! I was hoping that the writers wouldn’t play on the “Devil in love with a pure hearted human” bit because I liked their friendship. However, I feel it’s also an opportunity too good to pass up for Lucifer’s character arc. It’s worth exploring. They leave us in suspense with Chloe standing by her car looking for her keys and Mom holding the trigger ready to press the button. I don’t think the show would kill off Chloe though I feel they would make sure she was hanging by a thread to prompt Lucifer to face his mother. He still has Azrael’s blade. Would he use it again to protect Chloe? Maybe… We’ll see…