Shameless (S07E08) “You Sold Me the Laundromat, Remember?”

Pretty much picking up from last week, this episode of Shameless started pretty dull, but picked within the last 10 minutes and gave us a some jaw-dropping cliffhangers. Finally Shameless brings back a sense of direction and I can say for the first time in 3 weeks I’m excited for next weeks episode.

Debbie and Lip seems will be the center of attention now, as the misfortunes caused by their own dumb decisions seems to be hunting them once again. But it is even more serious for Debbie this time. After waltzing into Tanya and Celia’s home, the sister and mother of Franny’s deadbeat dad, Derek, she desperately trys to prove that she’s a good mom. Unfortunately, Debbie faces the consequences of this as Celia and Tanya essentially kidnap the baby, believing that she is an unfit mother. Now, I’ve never been too much of a Debbie stan myself, but in this case Tanya and Celia are the wrong doers here. They have no right whatsoever to take Frannie. And even before the kidnapping of Frannie, these people came off as just big assholes. Well luckily these assholes brought back alot of life back into the show, I haven’t seen an emotional bit such as this one since the season began.

After being expelled from his university last season, and losing is internship-money scheme earlier in this season, episode 8 teased us with a possible moment of redemption for Lip. His relationship with Sierra is getting pretty serious, and he has an appeal hearing to possible overturn his expulsion. Well the appeal hearing didn’t matter as it seems like all hope may be lost for Lip. After the appeal got turned down he went straight back to drinking, and his drunken ways might have also ruined his relationship with Sierra. This side of Lip isn’t new to Shameless fans, and I’m sure most really hate to see him like this.

Fiona’s reunion with Kevin was one of the best parts of the episode. Kevin is distraught in his own right, trying to deal with the fallout of Svetlana’s recent shadiness and his inability to keep trusting her. He explains the whole situation and says that despite everything, “you know us better than anyone,” and promises to help Fiona with the Laundromat in the process. When he’s done filling her in on recent events, Fiona is hesitant to give her honest opinion but does anyway at Kevin’s behest. “I never ever trusted Svetlana,” Fiona says. “I was raised by a con artist, and I know one when I see one.” She admits she regrets not speaking up when Svetlana and V got married, and blames Svetlana for turning V against her (which, let’s be honest, isn’t totally true — Fiona was a pretty selfish a-hole to V without Svetlana in the picture), but she wishes she had said something sooner because she misses V every day.

I’m not sure whether or not Kev has made a decision if he’s going to break up with Svet and V. We’ll have to see next week. That being said, I really liked what the three of them had.