Supergirl (S02E06) “Parasite”

A climate scientist is infected with a strange other-worldly virus and starts sucking the life out of people, while James becomes something more than a reporter. Mon-El actually tries to be a hero and Alex comes out and experience some interesting results.

Our episode starts out at a research base in Svalbard, Norway with a team of scientists who discover a seemingly frozen wolf with weapons that date back to the Bronze Age (about 5000 years ago give or take)and lead Dr. Rudy Jones to perform a full examination. Somehow the wolf is still warm…

As Dr. Jones (not the one with the hat) continues with the physical examination, his hand becomes pulled into the corpse of the wolf.

Mon-El and Kara are meeting up for drinks at the world’s finest alien dive bar and they might be the cutest drinking buddies on this or any system, but when J’onn and Alex get a call from the DEO, Kara (“Cho-co-lateee”) is definitely not ready to fly.

At the research base, the DEO agents are met with a grim site. Most bodies are completely desiccated, but one survivor remains; Dr. Jones (again, not that one, who seems to have a slug-like creature come out of his mouth and crawl back into his ear.

The next day, Alex takes Maggie’s advice and decides to come out to her sister. Predictably, Alex seems to be as skittish with Maggie as she is with her sister, (and who can blame her?) which leads Alex to leave the conversation visibly upset.

Back at National City University, Dr. Jones has gone full on evil becoming Parasite. Thankfully, the Danvers women are there to help, but discover that Dr. Jones and Parasite are surprisingly powerful against Supergirl.

The next day, at Kara’s place, the sisters realize that keeping parts of them walled off from the world is never a smart move, and the two reconcile the slight animosity.

Being called away to an alien attack, she discovers that Mon-El is the one behind the attack. Using his powers for money, Mon-El’s excuses set Kara off and the two aliens end up fighting.

Needing to vent her frustration from the day, Kara discovers an obvious target for Parasite in the form of Rand O’Reilly; a lobbyist for climate change.

Acting under the guise of O’Reilly, J’onn and Kara make their move on Parasite, but are almost immediately drained, causing Parasite to morph into a grotesque, gigantic monster, and the two suffer severe injuries from the encounter. While both heroes are hospitalized back at the DEO, it’s up the the others to stop National City’s newest threat.

Realizing that M’gann can use her Martian blood to help J’onn regain his health, Alex heads to the alien bar, but not before James suits up as National City’s new vigilante.

M’gann, struggling with her secret and the thought of losing J’onn, decides to donate blood to help save the last Green Martian.

Mon-El has little luck with Parasite, but thanks to a mysterious figure (it’s James) named Guardian (*cough*James*cough*), the Daxamite has some help.

Finally waking up from her Kryptonian coma, Kara has an idea on how to stop Parasite. Plutonium-239. Radioactive material and alien superbeings rarely go well together, but it seems like this is a rare event. Supergirl manages to turn Parasite into a pile of dust. RIP.

Thankfully, J’onn makes a full recovery with M’gann’s blood, but side effects may be looming for The Martian Manhunter.

Alex turns up at the alien bar and passionately kisses Maggie, only to be immediately rejected. Kara naturally gets worried and flies to Alex’s apartment. Breaking down in front of Kara, Alex laments telling anyone about her being a lesbian, but Kara tells her how proud she is of her sister.

In the final moments, Mon-El is kidnapped by the nefarious and evil CADMUS.


My previous reviews were very positive of Supergirl, and this one is different, but in a good way. A big part of this episode was Alex coming out to her sister, and eventually asking out the kickass Detective Sawyer. The moment where Maggie almost rips Alex’s heart out was kind of a jerk move on the writers’ part. Don’t toy with my emotions! C’mon!

On a lighter note, James picks up the mantel as Guardian, a name many characters have used over the years in the pages of DC, and I really have high hopes for what this will do for the character, as well as James and Winn’s development as heroes and not sidekicks.

Speaking of heroes, I’m really hoping to see Mon-El kick some CADMUS ass. Oh man, that beat down is going to be so sweet.

Another issue looming over future episodes is M’gann secretly being a White Martian and what that might mean for J’onn since her blood is what saved him from the effects of going up against Parasite.

Definitely an enjoyable episode, but more plot heavy than recent episodes from the Supergirl team. It’s good to know they are still the writing powerhouse that brought the emotional Red Tornado episode from season 1. 7/10.