Teen Wolf (S06E02) “Superposition”

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Happy Tuesday all and welcome back to the wolf pack~

We open up with the PREVIOUSLY ON the last episode moments: basically school photo, Ghost Riders showing up, and STILES BEING TAKEN AWAY!

Then we open up with the science lab. Just a couple of teens sitting around and doing some extra credit work. But I should mention that Mason was being a show off, everyone didn’t understand why he was even there (he was there for Cody), & he has a 4.9 GPA! Boy, I swear why aren’t you in a way better high school?! Genius alert! Yet all the fun is ruined when the kinetic blob starts attracting everything on the table. Then COACH shows up & keeps them out with the glorious Sassy Attitude of his! But Mason forgot his phone and bolts back in.

Okay, I was wrong. Sorry, we start at the field. Scott tells Liam that his back pass needs some work. Liam proves him wrong. Scott then questions who was he thinking about that needed some extra help. Then they practice more, in the dark, with the werewolf eyes. Also, Scott does ask Liam if he heard something before they started practice. Implying that he heard something charging but didn’t know what; it was literally an army of GHost Riders aiming for Beacon Hills. Which leads us back to the school. After Mason goes upstairs, grabs his phone, and gets the message from Cody. Mason of course can read but can’t react right for a boy with a GPA of 4.9 lol. Cody messaged him, “Find it?” then sent another saying “Stay where you are there here.” Of course Mason couldn’t stay put, he went on the hunt for Cody. Which lead to him going invisible mode with Cody in the library, where they witnessed two ghost riders strangling a man in mid-air. But the man then disappears & so do they.

Now at this point Liam does hears something, saying something is wrong with Mason. The sounds lead them back to the school with an uneasy Mason & Cody on guard & ready to attack if need be. They inform Scott & Liam of the Dhost Riders an What occurred. But there are some gaps missing. Odd for Ghost Riders to show up and not take anything at all. After this incident Scott, Malia, and Lydia start to have moments where something seems to be missing. Scott keeps passing by a locker that he feels as though he knows but can’t figure out how. He wants to open it but of course gets caught by the new guy (who of course I don’t trust at all). Malia does the odd highlighting thing that Stiles usually does with different colors, yet she doesn’t get why. Malia also notices that she likes to be the cuddlier and that she has chains to lock herself up with. No clue where the chains came from, who brought them, nor who stayed with her being locked down. Even when she confided in Lydia, she said as well that none of them helped chain her up in the past. So who did? An them there is Lydia. She keeps having these weird dreams about a train passing by but she’s not sleep at all, seeing mysterious people (the nurse lady) along with the train noise, and then..lastly she was actually piecing it together. Lydia by far was the main one close to remembering.

In the scene where Lydia leaves the class to follow the nurse only she can see, she starts to hear a voice. Telling her to run, telling her this way but no that way, and telling her to remember. Although it was all cut short when she was almost hit by a car. Now as for the Trio Band (Liam, Mason, and Cody) they were out for answers on what happened and not on good terms with each other. Cody wanted to learn more on what they saw that night, so they go asking around. Everywhere! Literally! But there having no luck at all, but they do piece together that it wasn’t a thing but a person taken away. Good Job little detectives, Stiles would be proud if he was around! But when Mason goes to talk to Liam an argument breaks on TRUST. Cody knows that the others don’t like him & that Mason friends are his friends alone an not his. But Liam really didn’t have to slap it in his face of how, pretty much useless his power is. An telling him to just completely disappear was out of line! That’s literally telling him to commit suicide to him face! Not cool Liam, not cool!

Later though, Cody does confront Liam on the situation & tells him he doesn’t want to hurt Mason. So they come up with an agreement to find something together, as a team. Liam then witnesses what Cody sees with his power, an yes he is amazed. An after researching again they do find a clue. The blank library card. Now the trio is formed, slides the card, a face & name show up. They remembered Jake. It’s official, the Ghost Riders are truly erasing people! I wish remembering Stiles was this easy! Speaking of which, Scott is still pondering on this missing piece in his subconscious that the Doctor told him about. What does he do. He sleeps. An wakes up in the woods like he had already been sleeping there. Sleep walking much? (just had a flashback on Season 3, I got goosebumps) He rings up Lydia and Malia an tell them that this is basically where it all began. How he got bit, was looking for a dead body, was hiding from the chief, but he doesn’t know how he got out there. No car. No interest in crimes. Not  a supernatural at the time. There getting there, almost.

Back at the Police Station after Parrish is a show off with getting the case under way. An getting approval for the chief, he informs him that his wife is waiting for him. (Before you read on, yes. Parrish is back in the office and investigating the dead body Liam and his friends found the last episode.) She’s alive?! This was a big shocker to all watchers because she’s supposed to be dead! But since Stiles no longer exists, his Dad wouldn’t have become a drunk, and his mom would have never suffered. This is a very sad moment. Not sad for the Chief though cause he has to eat a salad..but his rewarded with a burger for his efforts & receives hugs an kisses from his wife. (My stomach ached at the scene…poor Stiles).

Back at the Doctors vet shop they try one more thing to get a clue. They have Lydia stare at the blue light and concentrate. She does concentrate, but a little too hard and starts writing on the paper like a mad man! So mad she should’ve put multiple holes in that paper! But didn’t. Malia questions why she wrote “Mischief” all on the bag. Scott corrects her and says that’s not what it says. Lydia then asks, “What is a Stiles?”

The ending of this episode literally broke my heart, thought they would’ve remembered at least one memory. Now I just want Derek back with a cool plan.

P.S. Liam wants to be Captain of the Lacrosse Team but sucks and COACH is gonna squash his baby face. Nailed it.