The Big Bang Theory (S10E09) “The Geology Elevation”

Review: After Bert from the university wins a grant, Sheldon gets jealous. To let go of his jealousy Sheldon reads Bert’s geology paper, but this only makes Sheldon more angry because it’s really good. Leonard takes him on a walk to make him less angry, but he throws a rock, serving as a symbol of his anger, into his own foot. Things get worse from there when Sheldon injures himself after congratulating Bert and even karate chops him when he tells Sheldon that, after winning the grant, he thinks he can do better than his former crush Amy. The only one who can really help out Sheldon is Professor Hawking who tells him that every advancement in science is a victory, so he should be happy with everybody’s accomplishments.

Speaking of Stephen Hawking, Howard finds an old toy he invented: a remote controlled Stephen Hawking doll. He’s having a lot of fun with it, but Bernadette thinks it’s offensive. Trying to convince her that it’s a tribute that’s not making fun of the professor he asks Raj for his opinion, but he sides with Bernadette. Not only Raj and Bernadette disagree with Howard, everybody else thinks it’s a little offensive as well. Except (of course) Barry Kripke, who thinks it’s a great device to drive into the girl’s restroom. That’s when Howard realizes that maybe everybody else was right, not knowing that Hawking would love to have a motorized tool of himself.

The episode was not as good as the past few episodes, particularly because it doesn’t really show how much Sheldon has grown in the past few seasons, but it was still funny. To see Sheldon jealous of somebody else and actually get aggressive about it is something we haven’t seen before. The funniest sight gag of this episode is Sheldon’s walk after he injured himself, but my favorite scene was the one where the whole group talks about Penny’s short hair. They said what everybody in the world was thinking, when Penny (and Kaley Cuoco) cut her hair off.

I’m really enjoying Bert this season, I love how he’s so not really used to being the best at something and that he had no idea that the things he was saying were only making Sheldon more mad than he already was. I hope we see him around a few more times this season!

Rating: 8.5/10