Timeless (S01E06) “The Watergate Tape”

Trust becomes the issue in this episode as things start to pick up. Lucy and Co. head back to the Watergate scandal but they get caught by Flynn to do a job for him.

Trust has been the main focus point in this episode that has driven the team to question themselves, who they can trust. When the team follows Flynn to the Watergate scandal, they soon get ambushed and caught by Flynn’s men and taken to the same building that Lincoln was shot, funny, right?

Flynn wants Lucy to find the tape, the doc, that apparently isn’t what you would think it’s called. Flynn gets her and Rufus to look for it and return it or Wyatt will get killed. But before that, Flynn tells Wyatt and Rufus that him and Lucy have been talking since the adventures began. That questioned them about her and that journal Flynn holds dearly.

While Lucy and Rufus search, they look for help from Deep Throat. When he tells them about a sign with a fist and horns on it, Rufus knows who to go and asked. After asking the leader for help, he took Rufus and Lucy to the doc, which happens to be a female doctor, who knows about the tape. There Lucy and Doc talked, while Rufus makes a phone call to Rittenhouse about the doc and was given orders to killer her.

After a moment, Rufus tells Lucy how Rittenhouse was spying on them by him recording their adventures. Along with Wyatt and Rufus not trusting Lucy, Lucy doesn’t seem to trust Rufus. But they come up with a plan and got both Flynn and Rittenhouse to come to the house where Doc was at so they could be ambushed by one another while they take Doc and save Wyatt too.

After sending Doc off to a safe place, the three discuss about how they should play it, keep an eye on Rittenhouse, while they keep an eye on them. But it seems that trust will have to be earned from now on.

Also: Lucy gets to meet her father, who happens to make a phone call after she pretended she got the work house. Probably to Rittenhouse. Flynn talks about the journal that Lucy wrote years in the future and how her and Flynn time traveled together, get ready for that piece, right?

I thought that this was another really good episode that jumbled the team up with what they were doing behind each other backs. Even thought Lucy still has no idea about the journal or that she didn’t tell the guys that she talked to Flynn many times during their trips. Each cast member were really good in this episode and not to mention the writing too.

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