Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E06): “Monster in the Closet”

Review: There’s a monster in Nikolaj Boyle’s closet and it’s Adrian Pimento! When he  finally comes out of hiding a month after they’ve locked up Jimmy “The Butcher” Figgis, Pimento and Rosa decide to pick up right where they left off. A wedding is planned for the very next day!

Who better to take on the “greatest organizational challenge in history”? Amy, of course! Amy’s delighted and gets right to it, immediately getting into wedding planner mode. In Amy-like fashion, she has a colorful binder, a detailed timeline to keep everyone on track, and clear instructions for everyone to follow. Scully and Hitchcock are in charge of chairs, Charles of food, Terry on hair & make-up, and Holt gets to help Amy decorate.

However, Holt takes things too far, clinging to his own idea of a classy balloon arch that Amy definitely does not want in any way. Holt persists in finding Rosa the perfect balloon arch, convinced he needs an even bigger one when Amy tries to change his mind. But when he shows Amy the bigger arch, Amy snaps and tells Holt the arch sucks. In fact, it sucks so much it makes her “want to die and take you with me”.

Amy’s only instructions to Rosa are to sit back and relax with peach juice and champagne. Unfortunately for Amy, Rosa takes these instructions far too seriously and gets drunk. And then gets everyone who tries to help her sober up – Charles, Terry and Holt – drunk as well!

Jake, meanwhile, takes on the challenge of being Pimento’s driver, as Pimento claims he needs a pair of ruby earrings of his grandmother that he pawned in Newstead, New York. As Pimento is very superstitious, he simply can’t marry Rosa without them. To help him handle Pimento, Jake recruits Gina, the only person at the precinct who can control him.

When they get to Newstead, they discover that the pawnshop has burned down. Pimento takes it as a sign from the universe that he can’t marry Rosa. Ignoring these signs is basically like asking to universe “to stomp on my balls”, according to Pimento. While Gina agrees with him, Jake still tries to convince him not to call off the wedding.

Jake tracks down the former owner of the pawnshop, who lies that the earring didn’t survive the fire. But Pimento uses his detective skills and soon figures out that the owner must have stolen the earrings and burned down her own store. In fact, she’s even wearing one of his old necklaces. Jake, Pimento and Gina then break into her house, taking the earrings back.

They end up being the worst burglars ever, making so much noise that the owner catches them red-handed. They manage to escape and everything seems to be going right, until Jake’s car breaks down on the way back to the precinct. Of course, Pimento takes this as another sign, but Jake again finds another way: travelling by plane! Apparently, flying a plane is one of Pimento’s many talents! Except not at all, because he’s completely self-taught!

Then, when Amy finds out that Rosa got everyone but Scully & Hitchcock drunk, she takes matters into their own hands with a fire-extinguisher! It works like a charm and right in time for Jake, Gina and Pimento to arrive.

Jake and Amy discuss the awful day they’ve both had and realize that Rosa and Pimento don’t actually want to get married. They talk to the bride and groom, convincing both parties that they need to decide whether marriage is for them. In the end, Rosa and Pimento call off the wedding, realizing that they’re better off not rushing into marriage and actually dating first. They’re still keeping the presents, though, and Holt’s keeping the balloons!