The Flash (S03E07) “Killer Frost”

Holy Cow everybody, with this being director/comedian Kevin Smith directing his second episode of The Flash I expected a huge amount of bad ass and awesomeness coming from his directing especially with the phenomenal job he did with The Flash Season 2 Run Away Dinosaur, that episode was one of the biggest rated episodes of all in Season 2. I’m betting this episode Killer Frost is definitely going to be high in the ratings too. But I have to admit the beginning of the episode was phenomenal but I will get to that in a bit! This whole episode was amazing and heart breaking, I knew it would be with Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) [sort of] origin story of Killer Frost its like I was wowed the entire time; but lets get to the review!

In the episode we start where we left off in episode 6, Barry (Grant Gustin) is getting choked by an unknown force known as Savitar. Barry tells Joe (Jesse L. Martin) to shoot at the force he can not see but yet Barry is able to see him perfectly well (Thats a new aspect to a speedster villain). Barry and Savitar then have a teleporting speed battle across all of Central City. Savitar teleports Barry through the speed force knocking him down and up and down and up and down, etc. Savitar then tells Barry there is no way for him to ever win against him, he is a god, a god of the speedsters. Savitar then teleports Barry to the water front and begins choking the life out of him. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) then breech to Barry’s location to save him. Caitlin starts frosting the invisible entity that again only Barry can see. Savitar dethaws and speeds away!

Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin all return to Star Labs to get what Barry knows about the new speedster and to get info on Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) while hes in the cocoon; Caitlin assumes its like how it is for a caterpillar which would mean if they cut Wally out it could cause Wally to die. But Joe chooses to go and do detective work, Caitlin feeling icy cold in her heart chooses to follow Joe to the precinct. Joe interrogates Acolyte #1 (Taylor St. Pierre) but gets nothing out of his interrogation. Caitlin lures Joe out of the precinct to do her own cold interrogation to the Acolyte. Caitlin tries to find out where Alchemy is but is interrupted when two detectives break into the interrogation room only way Caitlin escaped was she used an icy mist to get out and ice lock the door. Julian (Tom Felton) notices what Caitlin has done, Caitlin kidnaps Julian.

Detective Patterson (Greg Grunberg) then makes a manhunt for the meta-human who kidnaps Julian; Barry tries to find out what is going on to find out Caitlin kidnapped Julian. Patterson tells Barry the reason why that meta took Julian is because they are all crazy. Caitlin then tells Julian she must find Alchemy and wants an algorithm to find any of his followers aka Acolytes. Julian then finds two names, Caitlin then takes the names and begins to go, Barry stands in the way of her to kill Julian. Barry then tries talking Caitlin down but doesn’t work. She stabs Barry in the leg with an icicle and escapes.

When Barry gets back Cisco asks Barry if what Caitlin said about Dante was true. If he was truly alive before Flashpoint, when Barry says yes, Cisco hates Barry thinking that he has ruined his life. Cisco then finds out what Caitlin was after and agrees to go to one of the houses shes possibly going to target. H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) and Joe (Jesse L. Martin) take the other house. When Caitlin goes to the house Cisco is at, Cisco tries to talk Caitlin down but fails and Cisco and Caitlin have their first Killer Frost vs Vibe encounters. Barry then intervenes to try to apprehend Caitlin but fails when he slides on some of her ice. Barry then does a sneak move to get Caitlin down on the ground but Caitlin then does a cold move to ice kiss Barry freezing his insides. Cisco then saves Barry and tells him to vibrate it will warm him up faster, Cisco then goes after Caitlin.

When Barry and Cisco return to Star Labs they lock Caitlin up in the pipeline which breaks the hearts of all the team. As Caitlin brags on and on releasing more and more of her Killer Frost personality out the team starts to believe that Caitlin is dead and all that is left is Killer Frost. When Joe and H.R. try a dangerous move to release Wally out of the cocoon early Wally zooms off. Barry then goes down to talk to Caitlin begging her to go but before she goes she must kill Barry release the full Killer Frost but Caitlin cant do it and returns to her nice Caitlin self. Caitlin then makes a drug that will help Wally to regulate himself from the unmatched frequency hes currently speeding at.

Joe and Barry then get to Wally in Keystone in hopes to help him. Barry speeds the drug to Wally who collapses in Joes arms. When they get back to Star Labs they test Wally’s speed out in the speed lab which reveals Wally is a lot faster than Barry was in the beginning. Wally is then eager to get out there to help Barry out with criminals but Iris (Candice Patton) and Joe are both saying “lets take things one speed step at a time” which means in time Wally, in time.

Julian agrees to Barry to keep his mouth shut but only if Barry quits the force. Barry then agrees to it and goes to pack up his things at the precinct. Joe and Iris both are shocked that Barry is going through with this but Barry tells them both that everyone of Team Flash is his family and he would do anything to protect them all which is the most selfless thing a hero could ever do. in the end Savitar makes a visit to Julian to tell them their work is not yet done that he needs Julian to be Alchemy one more time (yes I’m shocked as all of you Julian is Dr. Alchemy)!

Next Episode (which is a part of the 4 part Crossover event!): The Flash (S3E8): Invasion! airs November 29, 2016