Aftermath: (S01E09) “The Barbarous King”


Each episode unleashes new insanity into the Copeland’s world. This one is no exception. Shapeshifters, family reunions and good intentions gone bad are highlighted in this episode. The writers are good at keeping you on your toes and engaging your deep-seated thoughts and fears. What a ride!

Finally the Copeland’s have reached “Paradise”.  It’s a hostile environment and it didn’t look so good for the family, but there is a saving grace that helps the family. The man who built this End of Days “shangri la” just happens to be Karen’s estranged father. They are welcomed with open arms and a place to rest their heads. 

The family has been to hell and back, so for them to have this little piece of heaven is an unexpected but most welcomed blessing. Even though Karen refuses to let her guard down, they are able to have a bit of normalcy. As Karen and Josh “catch up”. The three siblings are able to go and let loose, choosing to leave the compound with their grandfather’s most trusted people on a little adventure of their own. 

Unfortunately, trouble is never far from the family. They seem to be a magnet for it. At the compound Josh has come across a troubling scene (dead bodies anyone?) and a shovel upside his head. While Karen is struggling with nightmares in her restless sleep. Matt, Brianna and Dana are enjoying the contents of an empty yet functioning bar, the owner has vanished, and that is never a good sign. 

There is something more sinister going on in the safety of the compound. The antibiotics they have been concocting to help the Feverheads has been backfiring in the worst way possible, instead of helping it has been killing. Josh knows too much, and will not stay quiet. So peyote is dumped into his system and he is carted off to the middle of nowhere to contend with his impending death. 

The liberating fun of having under aged drinks has taken a turn for the worse as Dana and Brianna squabble. It’s good to see teenage angst alive and well. Brianna ends up taking off in their only mode of transportation. You think that by now each family member would know not to stop for strangers, but Brianna chooses to aid a stranded woman. Who in turn threatens Brianna with a knife, licks her and then drives off with the truck. 

As Karen catches up with her father, Josh is on the trip of a lifetime. The peyote may have a hold on him, but he still manages to kill the lackey that was supposed to dispose of him. He is bombarded by wild hallucinations, one being of a young version of his father. His father has some advice for Josh. “Less thinking, more feeling. Let it wash over you like a wave.” It fits into what we have seen in previous episodes. His father continues to claim that Josh is one of them, an adept. Even though it may all be in his head, it’s enough to awaken him more. 

Chaos has burst onto the scene of the quiet bar where the siblings are. Reinforcements have been called in as dead bodies have been found. As the Calvary arrives (Karen and her father), a strange scene is being played out. Brianna vs. Brianna. She has been cloned by a Shapeshifter. One of them needs to be put down, but will it be the right one? Dana takes a chance and fires her gun. Twins really DO know best, and as the Shapeshifter melts into the floor a sigh of relief is collectively let out. 

The family finds Josh back at camp, staring off into nowhere. That is where the truth is revealed about dear old granddad and what he tried to do. It’s a magnificent sight as the family bands together and turns their backs on him. He’s not their family anymore, he’s nothing. Basically you should never mess with or underestimate the Copeland’s. 

As the family rides away into the sunset (drives). Josh and Karen exchange a touching moment, and as the scene is about to fade out, the unthinkable happens. A cough can never just be a cough, and blood is never a good thing. Things are about to change and the worst is yet to come. Can the family get through this new obstacle? Or will they be faced to put down one of their own? 


Rating: 8.5/10