Bull: (S01E07) “Never Saw The Sign”

Bull is approached by Judge Maya Lamkin.(Leslie Silva) In a subtle flirtatious exchange, she persuades him to take a case of vehicular manslaughter.  John Phillips (Chris Beetem) is a little league baseball dad, accused in the death of his wife, a passenger in the car he was driving. 

Trevor Dormit, (John Ventimiglia) is an assemblyman with an agenda. He claims neglect on John’s part, thus causing the accident.  He persuades his friend, the DA to prosecute him.  A guilty verdict will pave the way to support his road construction project, citing the need for highway safety.  Dormit is a key witness, as well.  He happened to be traveling the same road at the time. He claims if John was calm and coherent, he would have seen the sign, “Slow, Congestion Ahead” He claims in his agitated , drunk and reckless state, he didn’t see the sign and continued to drive 11 miles above the speed limit. Although he had a blood alcohol level of .04 well below the limit, this is the case.

 I see how the aspirations of a political opportunist,  Dormit, was instrumental in what may have been the reason John “Never saw the sign” He had put cause in motion, by closing the library, because “no body reads” anymore; claiming another pathway for the highway. This frustrates and annoys a hacker with personal motives, who changes the sign.  And then…

 This is another episode of the Bull style that encourages us to see things a little differently, be open to “what if?” and things are not always as they appear.  It also reminds us that we are more connected than we may think.  For when Dormit did one thing, the impact caused devastation in the lives of others. Although we may not immediately know the effects; A + B=C  and dominoes!