NCIS-NOLA: (S03E07) “Outlaws”

This is an episode of secrets, personal baggage and the things that come back around to be addressed or…bite ya!  We find Percy showcased in an undercover assignment with an old flame, LaSalle trying to come to terms with his situation as baby daddy and Gregorio shares a little about her past and why she’s so uptight.

 Yet in the beginning, someone wants to rekindle a 10 year old feud, between the Outlaws, a local motorcycle gang made up of Vets and the ‘Niners, another local club. When a sailor is murdered, a member of the Outlaws, Percy’s former informant and love interest is her way in. Unbeknownst to her of course, he is the bad guy.  In the past, she’s protected him, thinking him an innocent.

 In a side story, LaSalle uses a football to practice his carry skills as a new papa.  He seeks advice from Gregorio, the only one who knows of his baby and baby mama.  She suggests he speak with the Dr Phil of their unit, Pride and of course, “tell Percy” He does the former and the best advice given is, ’be sure he’s yours” and of course, “tell Percy” Not finding the opportunity, he didn’t tell his work wife. Partially because she’ll ‘kick his butt for being so stupid” Yet Percy finds what looks like a baby’s binky in LaSalle’s desk drawer, so maybe next week.

 Percy and Gregorio worked as a duo in the undercover mission.  Gregorio, “I got your back” did just that near the end. They actually worked well together, with little or no  barking or biting.  They even got a chance to speak of their disappointments in love, after Gregorio saves Percy from her innocent. (He was seconds from shooting her) Later that day,  she shares her disappointments, embarrassments and disgraces in her marriage and why trust is such an issue for her.

Before they could hug in mutual survival admiration, they came to themselves and agreed, this was not a bonding moment.  Yet we’ll see.