Van Helsing (S01E11) “Last Time”

Alright each episode keeps getting better and better, this episode we finally solved the case in who was truly doing the killings when they were at the base and the reveal I have to admit shocked me but I will get to that in a bit. But its hard to believe that we are so close to the Season Finale of Season 1 and then we are going to have to wait so long for Season 2. I have to admit this series truly has me hooked I’m definitely going to keep watching and I hope this series goes on for a long time I truly do because each episode has a new turn in the story and its the story itself that gets me sucked in each and every time! Lets get to the recap part of the story!

In the episode we start out with Julius (Aleks Paunovic) interrogating Magdalene (Gwynyth Walsh) in what she found out when she made her last visit to Eden and who tried stopping her from her recent baby feeding transaction. When Magdalene tells Julius about the woman, he then asks if she knew where they were headed next when Magdalene didn’t know Julius was tempted in killing her but chose otherwise not to. We are then taken by where what remains of the group is heading which is to Susan (Hilary Jardine) family home. When Susan, Vanessa (Kelly Overton), Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro), and Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) get to the home. Susan searches the home finding a fresh blood stain, Susan searches the home in a frantic state to look outside to see a grave on the family property.

Vanessa and Susan then make the discovery that Susan’s mother died long before the rising of the vampire apocalypse. Susan’s head already starts thinking the worse for her father who she hopes is already dead but turns out Susan didn’t have those hopes happen, her father had been turned into one of the feral vampires. Vanessa and the little group choose to chain up the Daddy Feral Vampire and decide what to do with him. Vanessa tries giving Susan the benefit of the doubt that this could be closure to her but Susan has other plans. Susan then takes a shotgun and shoots her fathers brains out just before Vanessa could even get the finishing blow in to kill Susan’s father for her.

Meanwhile, Rebecca (Laura Mennell) tries again with the experiments but again they fail, she is then summoned to Dimitri (Paul Johansson) to find out the progress of the experiments and if shes any closer to making a permanent solution to being able to walk out through the sun for eternity. However when Rebecca brings the bad news that all experiments have been a failure. Dimitri then makes a point that every century Rebecca makes the same old promise and each century always end up in failure and never is closer to the solution. But instead of doing something about it Dimitri lets Rebecca off with another warning to make sure she doesn’t fail him again.

Back with our heroes, Susan then runs off not wanting to be there to say last words for her fathers funeral. Vanessa then makes the effort to finding out where Susan is, she splits the three of them up to try to find Susan. Mohammad takes the house, Vanessa takes the surrounding areas of the property and Sam takes the woods (bad idea). Sam then finds Susan crying in the woods, when Susan tells Sam that shes not the greatest company right now he insists to stay to talk with her. When Susan then tells Sam everything how she is feeling and Susan then goes in for a hug Sam feels the warm hug refreshing but also as a way of being able to do what he feels needs to be done. Sam wraps his hands around Susan’s neck; he begins to choke her, strangling her till she drew her last breathe. Sam then takes his scissors to cut off Susan’s finger.

Mohammad (Mahoro) then takes a look around more in the house to see if Susan (Jardine) is anywhere around. While upstairs he notices Sam’s (Heyerdahl) bag is just laying around, because Mohammad is really curious he takes a look into Sam’s bag to find a rolled up cloth revealing the clipped fingers kept as trophies. Mohammad then rolls up the cloth and puts it back into Sam’s bag then improvises acting like hes been searching for his sword again. When Sam comes up there with his bat he knows the truth about what Mohammad really was doing, he then (I guess) says to Mohammad “guess the cat is out of the bag” in sign language. Mohammad agrees and goes to Vanessa (Overton) to tell her about the discovery that he made. Just before Mohammad could tell Vanessa, Sam tells Vanessa he killed Susan.

Vanessa then searches the woods for Susan’s body to find her body. Vanessa then mourns over Susan’s body but then turns into rage. Vanessa then takes the shotgun and interrogates Sam wanting to know why he killed Susan. Sam then tells Vanessa hes been doing killings since he was a boy and has never stopped; he tells Vanessa, Susan was the one who was weak that she said it herself and  only the strong survive. Vanessa then tells Sam to start walking into the woods, Mohammad begs Vanessa to come along but Vanessa tries shielding Mohammad from having to witness the justice decision Vanessa has decided for Sam. When they get to the woods Vanessa demands for Sam to close his eyes to make it easier; but Sam starts sign language to Mohammad about something sending Mohammad into a rage but Vanessa tells Mohammad to not let that psychopath into his head thats what he does after all. But Mohammad can’t help it, Mohammad then tackles Sam to the ground beginning to beat him into a bloody pulp but before Mohammad could finish Vanessa gets Mohammad off of Sam. Vanessa then chooses to cut Sam’s leg to let the feral’s to finish off Sam.

Mohammad and Vanessa then bury Susan, Mohammad then makes the point that Susan is now at home with her family even if its in graves. Sam then gets attacked by a feral vampire but not before he stabs the feral with a sharp wooden stick just before the feral died it bit Sam turning him into a vampire. Vanessa and Mohammad run for it just as Sam comes back to drink what is left of Susan’s blood. In the end Rebecca (Mennell) requests to look for Vanessa, for her to bring Vanessa or what they call “the woman” back to Dimitri, but Dimitri then says he already has somebody on it but has other matters to deal with such as Julius’s betrayal that will be coming very soon and needs Rebecca to be kept at arms length to have an eye kept on her to make sure she doesn’t betray him like Julius will do.

Next episode: Van Helsing (S1E12): He’s Coming airs Friday December 2, 2016