Z Nation (S03E11) “Doc’s Angels”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. This is gonna be short because I truly believe nothing super important happened in this episode. “Doc’s Angels” is about Doc’s mission: to contact Citizen Z; and although it was really fun to watch, I can’t help thinking that nothing relevant happened.

Docs arrives to a kind of garden where three women — Camilla, Linda, and Sarah — save him. Everything seems way too perfect and we all know that means troubles. It turns out to be that these three lovely ladies attract people into their place and the use them as, well, whatever they want: to make furniture with their skin, to grow z-weed on them. When Doc realizes about this, it’s already too late. On his way to getting out of there he finds some people and rescue them, these people will later save him from the crazy women. Almost at the end he succeeds in contact Citizen Z and explains him that Lucy was kidnapped by The Man and he needs to warn Warren. Followed by this, Kaya tells Simon she cracked a sat-phone transmission of a man travelling with a kid, they assume they’re The Man and Lucy so if they hurry they might have a chance to rescue the kid.

  • There are only four episodes left and I’m afraid we won’t get all the answers we want.
  • Watching Doc running around in a pink nightgown was priceless.
  • The “crazy cat lady” scene was really fun.
  • I’m starting to feel the series is running in circles, and I hope the team gets back together soon.