Bob’s Burgers (S07E07) “The Last Gingerbread on The Left”

Plot Summary:

Bob unexpectedly gets involved in an intense gingerbread house-building competition with Mr. Fischoeder’s friends; Linda and Teddy take the kids caroling.

In this weeks episode we get to see some fun times happening between Bob and Mr. Fischoeder and fun with Teddy and the rest of Belcher family. It was a great Christmas episode, and we all know how awesome their holiday episodes are.

So in tonight’s episode the Belchers prepare to go caroling around with Teddy to spread some holiday cheer but Bob gets called away by Mr. Fischoeder. He tricks Bob into coming over to his house.

So Bob get stuck into entering a contest for best gingerbread house. If he loses on purpose than Mr’ Fischoeder will give him a month of free rent. It seems like that is always his go to incentive to get Bob to do something for him. I guess he knows what he’s doing because Bob agrees to it.

With Bob not being able to go caroling the family decides to go around with Teddy in the hopes of getting hot chocolate from the houses.

After not having much luck with the caroling they decide to call a quits.

That is until Louise basically begs the to stop at the creepy house. They then finally get what they wanted the whole night! Hot Chocolate!

One thing I love about tonight’s episode was the story line of the family going caroling. It brought back memories of when I was younger and went caroling with my family and friends. It also made me want to make some yummy warm hot chocolate. I love when shows can bring back those memories of my past. It makes me want to watch the same episode over and over again. I most likely will watch this episode a few more times over this holiday season.