Chicago Fire (S05E06): “That Day”


“That Day” was a powerful episode with many different subplots. These subplots were successful, but left some holes in the storytelling.

Dawson’s accident presents a unique obstacle for her and the fire house. We very rarely see this side of things, so it was interesting to see. I liked seeing her come to terms with hear attitude towards unwanted situations and seeing her friends rally in support. It’s a difficult and scary position to be in, when you’ve endangered someone’s life, and this plot highlighted that.

There were some things that I found displeasing, more than usually.

I enjoy seeing new relationships form, but the beginning of “That Day” seemed so farfetched and dream-like it took away from the typically realistic show.

Unfortunately, I felt like the lead up to New York with the Chief was confusing. By the end it came full circle and the viewer was able to appreciate Chief’s emotions, but something should have been more clear in the beginning.

I also didn’t like the relationship between Chief and his step-son. I just feel like there’s a lot of unknown tension right now and it needs to either stop or be acknowledged soon.

This was a good episode, but not one of the best.