Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (S01E02) “Spring”


Spring time is alive and well in Stars Hollow. It’s a time of renewal and rediscovery, where the world is brand new again and the possibilities are endless. The town is bustling with the excitement of a new season, but there are challenges just around the corner. 

A food festival is in full swing, and you are reintroduced to even more familiar faces. Jackson is there sans Sookie (she’s preoccupied by something again). Mrs. Kim has taken some kids under her wing (Mr. Kim was there too!), and everything is a hectic mess with Taylor and Kirk getting uppity over things not being perfect. Business as usual.

Rory has been jet setting between London and the States, but things are starting to take a toll on her. And as the episode goes by, it becomes more and more apparent that she doesn’t have it together, and is slowly losing grip of what she wants and who she is. Life has always been a breeze for her and things have gone her way. So now that there is a rut in her journey, she begins struggling for the first time in her life.

Lorelai is dealing with her own issues as well. Between her mother, Luke and the possibility that she may lose Michel to bigger and better opportunities that are beyond the scope of The Dragonfly Inn. The therapy sessions that were once between her and her mother take on a new meaning when Emily abruptly quits the sessions. It turns out Lorelai needs the sessions more than she thought. Maybe she wasn’t as happy as she first thought.

Richard may be gone, but his legacy and reach is alive and well. He had left Luke a considerable amount of money that was placed in a trust fund. It was for Luke to be able to expand and franchise his business. It’s a lot to take in, and instead of objecting and sticking firmly to what he wants, he is whisked away on this ride with Emily at the helm. A rift is starting to form, and it’s only a matter of time till it all comes bubbling up to the surface.

There is never a dull moment in the world of the Gilmore Girls. Life is fast paced and unpredictable, it’s one of the best things about the show. You never know what they will say or do next. Lorelai graciously accepts an invitation to go to New York to be there while Rory tries out a new endeavour. It’s a nice bonding time for the two of them, something both of them needed. Quality mother/daughter time with a smattering of real-time advice. It all seems to come just when Rory needs it the most. 

Rory’s book deal has just been dissolved, an opportunity with GQ wasn’t quite what she expected and a website that had been seeking her out to write for them for a few years backed out as soon as she was interested. On top of that she still hasn’t broken up with her mundane “boyfriend”, is fooling around with a soon-to-be married man (Logan!) and she had her very first one night stand. This is not who she is and her life is spiralling out of control.

It’s time to go back to basics, so when Rory walked into her mother’s home with her bags, it wasn’t a surprise. She’s home. It’s exactly where she needs to be right now. Change is in the cards, and it’s up to the girls to reclaim what has been lost. They have each other, and in these moments that’s all that matters.

Summer is coming. Will things ever be the same again?


Rating 10/10