Once Upon A Time: (S06E09) “Changelings”


Who would’ve thought Rumplestiltskin has a lot more untold stories besides being connected to every character that was featured in the show? In this episode, we knew more about Rumpelstiltskin’s past with Belle and we got to know who his mother was. His mother was the Black Fairy which made him half fairy. Shocking! Not only his mother was a fairy, she’s also kind of a crazy person. She abandoned Rumpelstiltskin when he was still a baby. Rumple wanted to know why his mother did it but I don’t know, maybe, we’ll never know.

Meanwhile, the Evil Queen was trying to kill Zelena for Rumple when Regina showed up and saved her. This could be the first step of Zelena siding back with Regina, although, the conversation didn’t go very well at least Zelena knew Regina still cares for her.

The talk Regina gave to the Evil Queen about Rumple just using her for his own plans got to her nerves and ended up to her using Rumple’s magic to continue what he’s planning to do with Belle and his baby. Belle thought it’s Rumple’s work and got really mad. Belle saw her son in the dream world and was told that she should do what she needs to save him. And she really did. She let go of the baby to give its best chance.

Snow, on the other hand, was helping Aladdin and Jasmine to get to Agrabah. I feel the closure to this storyline soon.

The quest of Emma about her visions was getting clearer in this episode. Now, we knew which sword was used to kill her. Next is figuring out who’s under the hood. I’m still conflicted about my guess who is it. Who do you think it might be?