Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E07): “Mr. Santiago”

Review: It’s Thanksgiving! Which means it’s time to slaughter a turkey and, this year, for Jake to meet Amy’s dad. Amy’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner and everyone’s invited and it’s the perfect opportunity for the most important men in her life – her father and Holt, of course – to get acquainted. To make sure everything runs smoothly, she’s made everyone itineraries, even assigning them individual backroom breaks. According to Amy, this is necessary because her dad can be a little uptight. Like father, like daughter. 

In charge of the turkey slaughtering, is Boyle. But when the others figure out he’s brought a live turkey as opposed to one that’s already dead and stuffed, Rosa and Gina try to protect the bird with all their might! But the bird is too much for either of them to handle, so the squad ends up hiding from the loose turkey in Amy’s bathroom.

Charles suits up in protective bathroom gear and goes after the bird, looking like every bit the hero I always knew he was! And, in Charles-like fashion, he ends up not killing the bird at all and feeding him Gouda!

Now back with Rosa and in Brooklyn, Pimento finds out that he’s unable to work as a police officer anymore, given his seven month absence. Holt decides to lend Pimento some money so he can figure out what he wants to do next. Pimento foolishly spends that money betting on high-class dogs in a dog show and promptly losing it right away. They pay Pimento’s bookie a visit, which ends up being a freshman in college. When his bookie says it’s too late, they bet on the same dog one more time and win the money back!

Finally, Jake does everything he can to impress mr. Santiago in Amy-like fashion. He does his research and puts it all into a colorful binder! For a while, it seems to work, as he expertly navigates between giving perfect answers to all mr. Santiago’s questions and sneaking quick looks into his binders for more intel. It works until it doesn’t and mr. Santiago finds the binder, cleverly titled “Jake Peralta’s guide to tricking Amy’s dad”. Not the most subtle title!

To Jake’s credit, though, mr. Santiago is very impressed with the amount of research Jake put into it. He’s even dived into mr. Santiago’s old cases. Mr. Santiago then asks for Jake’s input on one of them, which he’s never been able to solve. Because Jake is sure the sons of the contractor of a robbed bank are the likely suspects mr. Santiago never even thought about, the two men decide to follow up on Jake’s new lead together.

At the contractor’s house, they find out that the contractor and the sons have an alibi from the day of the robbery, with a lot of detailed information they had to gather twenty years earlier, when mr. Santiago accused them of the same crime!

Turns out, mr. Santiago doesn’t like Jake at all. He made his own binder and after all his research, he’s concluded that Jake is sloppy, disorganized and irresponsible and in no way good enough for his daughter.

In the car back to Amy’s, they get a call from her about the turkey, and Jake fills her in on her dad’s opinion of him. But Amy’s not having it: this is not the 1950’s, after all, and she can date who she wants without needing her father’s approval! It’s not Jake or mr. Santiago who should be making that choice, but her. Go, Amy!

Amy’s important point about gender equality leads to an epiphany for Jake and a breakthrough in their case: it wasn’t the contractor or his sons, but the daughter! They arrest her, because they’re feminists.