New Girl (S06E06) “Ready”

Now that Jess is back in the dating game, she realizes an old friend would be a great first date to leave single life. Meanwhile Nick promotes Cece to bar manager, but has a hard time accepting the new bar tender she hired.

The episode opens with Jess lying in bed and dramatically (biiiig surprise there) sitting up in bed and proclaiming she’s “ready”, while Cece is being promoted to bar manager.

Sadly for Jess’s announcement, Schmidt is having a Schmidt crisis: the plaid on his scarf doesn’t line up anymore. Yep, Schmidt thinks he’s gaining too much weight and vows to head back to the gym.

Onto Jess’s thing: she’s ready to start dating!

Speaking of dating, Schmidt notices that Jess and Robbie have the perfect chemistry.

“Is it just me or is it colon here?” (Seriously, the chemistry can be felt all the way over here in Chicago. Schmidt’s right. It’s alienating.)

Back at the bar, Nick meets the new bartender who is kind of a babe. Nick doesn’t see it in that way. Not like that ya know… way. Not like that.

When Jess and Robbie come back from a not date, Jess flips out and punches him in the arm followed by a brisk handshake. Yikes.

Seeing that Schmidt was so upset with his scarf issues from earlier, Cece gives him a new scarf. It’s essentially a thin curtain.

Winston is suffering from too much confidence and can’t stop attracting women. This is a new Winston. It’s strange yet comforting.

Back at the gym, Schmidt is suffering from severe confidence issues, but it is not stopping him from pointing out how ridiculously attracted Jess and Robbie are to each other. Finally, they kiss. It ends terribly. Like Emergency Room terrible.

Despite Jess’ neck brace, Schmidt realizes that he should just be happy and enjoy himself. He also realizes that Robbie’s name is actually Robbie McFerrin. Awesome.

Winston has to be brought down a peg thanks to Nick. Speaking of Nick, he finally deciphers why Donovan looks so damn good.

Man, Robbie is in bad shape. Mercy. It is not a good thing friends. Though, I bet he can whistle really well now. (I shouldn’t make fun. He has no actual knee left in his leg.)

“You gotta love Robbie.”

Nick demotes Cece since she did so well negotiating Donovan’s contract. Winston says that she should be a manager for the objectively handsome men that the aforementioned objectively attractive man brought with.

The episode ends with Jess somehow managing to maim Robbie further by getting his damaged leg stuck in a chair.

This was a good episode to get after that long hiatus. Even though we know that Jess is never going to stop being in love with Nick, it’s good to see her be with someone like Robbie while Nick gets his nonsense together. (I’m not biased, I swear.) As always, it’s a genuine treat to see Schmidt freak out over nothing, and even better seeing Winston have no clue how to deal with women, even when not trying to have sex with them. Classic Winnie the Bish. 8/10