New Girl (S06E07) “Last Thanksgiving”

Being the third Thursday in November, the Loft is having Thanksgiving, and Schmidt finally has a chance to hang out with his dad, Nick finally gets to see Reagan, and Jess has some issues with Robbie. Naturally, chaos ensues.

Gobble gobble everyone, (I apologize for nothing) it is 7 AM on Thanksgiving and Jess has already been awake for two hours. Schmidt loves the fact his dad is coming and is a “changed man”, while Robbie is going to see his parents.

Robbie, clearly high on a massive (and probably dangerous, also not seeing his parents) amount of pain killers (he saw Snoopy! John Stamos on some yogurt!).

Schmidt’s dad finally arrives and it’s a tearful reunion; sadly not the good kind. Ann Kim broke up with Gavin. Does everyone remember when Jess tongue kissed that guy?

As if things could not get any worse for the Loft, Reagan bailed on Nick, so now Nick and Gavin end of getting drunk while Schmidt joins them.

“Nothing means anything.” Not gonna lie, drinking in Nick’s room is depressing as hell. Not surprisingly, Schmidt decides to convince Ann Kim to take Gavin back. Nick triumphantly looks up at his mom and says he’s gonna be a hero. He’s looking up at Chicago. (That totally works.)

Just as Gavin starts crying, he gets a hug from Jess and, of course, Robbie rolls into the kitchen. Awkwardness occurs.

Genuinely hoping for a Thanksgiving miracle, everything backfires and Schmidt finds out that his father is seeing six women. As they return to the Loft, Schmidt asks Chicago why his father is so sexual. Nobody knows.

Robbie is pretty pissed when Gavin mistakes her for a physical therapist, and Jess finally sees the “Umph”. You know what I’m talking about. He’s something else.

For some reason, Nick throws the now floor turkey and Jess realizes Robbie is trying to board a bus.

Schmidt reconciles with his dad and Jess reconciles with Robbie.

Jess realizes that it’s the last Loft Thanksgiving. Here’s to Cece and Schmidt’s for next year!


While not the best Thanksgiving episode, it was definitely up there. My boy Robbie made his move and probably cause permanent damage to his leg. Happy Thanksgiving! 7/10