Supergirl (S02E07) “The Darkest Place”

With Mon-El still a prisoner of CADMUS, an old friend and a new enemy appear. Meanwhile Guardian is accused of a crime he did not commit.

This episode starts off in a flashback with Supergirl in a full on brawl with… J’onn?

24 hours earlier at the alien bar, we see Kara, Alex, James and Wynn talking about the “mysterious” Guardian and Wynn and James meet with Alex and Kara’s slight disapproval. Alex seems to be catching onto the sidekick/partner, and Kara mentions how Kal teamed up with a vigilante once who had “tons of gadgets, lots of demons”.


Not surprisingly, Maggie shows up and gives Alex a little more than a surprise, and Alex wonders where Mon-El is…

Cut to a creepy metal cage, Mon-El does his best to anger his guard, and makes a nearly successful escape attempt. Apparently CADMUS has captured J’onn, or at least someone who looks like him.

Back at the DEO, M’gann is bringing J’onn a get well soon gift and he has an unfortunate vision of his deceased family. M’gann is almost as visibly upset as J’onn is as she leaves the DEO.

As Guardian leaves after a successful capture of a criminal, another strange masked vigilante appears and shoots him in the face without mercy. Naturally, the head of CatCo is a little thrown off.

At the dock, Guardian knocks out two bad guys when the new masked character shoots the man, again without mercy. As Kara is flying to the dock, CADMUS contacts her and leverages Mon-El into her coming.

This scene leads us to the introduction sequence at the start of the episode. As it turns out, the real Hank Henshaw has come back for his revenge against Kara.

In the battle, Kara manages to melt part of Henshaw’s face, introducing Cyborg Superman. With Kara in the hands of CADMUS, she discovers that the entire situation was a trap for Supergirl herself.

Now that the truth about Guardian is out, Alex tells Maggie that she must drop the vigilante/murder angle, and Alex goes off on Detective Sawyer (and rightfully so, Maggie was a jerk).

CADMUS officially has a bargaining chip in the form of Mon-El, and Kara knows it. After Mon-El gets shot, she pours her heat vision into the CADMUS helmet and becomes human for a time, which means CADMUS can experiment on the Girl of Steel. Taking some of her blood, Kara looks on in horror as she becomes the most recent victim of the shady and evil organization.

Back at CatCo, James and Wynn are investigating the mystery shooter and discover that he only goes after people who beat the system on technicalities. Wynn also has a name: Phillip Karnowsky (and in the comics is named Barrage. Fitting name.).

J’onn is now certain that something is wrong with him, and confronts M’gann. He now knows the truth about M’gann M’orzz and her true form.

Kara pleads with Mon-El to tell Alex how much she loves her sister if Kara dies in her cell. Right before Mon-El reveals something important about Daxam, a familiar face appears: her adoptive father Jeremiah Danvers.

Performing an impromptu surgery, Jeremiah manages to pull the bullet out of Mon-El’s leg and makes sure the two aliens make it out of CADMUS.

During the Martian v. Martian brawl, M’gann reveals who she truly wants to be and makes J’onn question his hatred.

Right before Barrage takes out his net victim, Guardian steps in and saves the day, even managing to “evade” police custody.

Alex is on the hunt of Jeremiah, she

As J’onn discovers the underlying aspect of his hallucinations, he discovers he’s becoming a White Martian.

Back at Kara’s apartment, there is some ribbing about who Guardian really is and Mon-El is busy “studying Earthly customs”.

There’s a knock at the door, and it’s a certain detective who wants to apologize, kinda. A date for the next day is set in the alien bar.

In the final moments of the show, Hank Henshaw heads to the Fortress of Solitude and wants to know about Project Medusa.

Supergirl writers, you are slowing winning me back to Team Maggie. She’s less “Why not crush some souls?” and more “Hey, pool is fun. Why not?”.  With the first appearance of Cyborg Superman, I’m really curious to see how this plays out over the season, especially with regards to Superman and J’onn. Are they more friends now that the DEO has all of the Earth’s kryptonite? How much does Kal know about Hank Henshaw? Keep that ink flowing writers of Supergirl. Pappa needs his Supes fix. 8.5/10