Timeless (S01E07) “Stranded”

Stranded in the year before the United States was even born, how will they get back?

This episode’s title probably gives it away better but the adventure of this story was thrilling, character growth and some movie references. Lucy and the team are in 1754 during the French-Indian War, they’ve been there for three days looking for Flynn. But they get chased by the French and captured.

The team isn’t together in a way since last week’s bombshell of who’s working or who’s doing this kind of thing.  Wyatt distracts one of the french solider by insulting about his mother. He takes down him and another one and soon the two get back to their machine when they spot two of Flynn’s men at their ship placing explosives around it.

Just before they set it off, Wyatt shoots the one with the switch but the other shoots out one part of the ship and races towards his own. Wyatt, Rufus and Lucy chase until Flynn’s ship disappeared. Rufus tries to fix what he could but needs some things, mostly from a Radioshack. But Wyatt thought Rufus could make a flux capacitor, for which Rufus tells Wyatt that those don’t exist. But it made a nice Back to the Future joke.

Just before they headed off, Rufus writes a message, places it in a bottle for Mason to find as their Plan B. Mason and team finds the location and find it but the paper turned faded with only a few words.

The three does some walking, trying to get into the French army base where there’s a blacksmith shop, but they get caught from a Native tribe and gets tied up again. Lucy and Wyatt tries to tell the chieftess ,Nonhelema, about their situation but she doesn’t believe them but Rufus, who she believes is being force to do a job. But he ask her to let his friends go and after a moment, she let them go.

The three gets to the French army base and gets in smoothly, Rufus gets to the blacksmith shop and make the piece that he needs to fix the ship just enough to get back. But when they head out, the army commander has return and everyone looks around. The three get out and race towards the ship, Rufus fixes what he could and just as they get in, the French are there shooting. Everything looks to be going good until a short stop, Rufus puts two wires together and soon they’re off.

Now for this to work, the team back in 2016 has to capture their entry, in a way like in Star Wars, which Rufus makes a reference in his message and his friend figured out. And as they try to find it, they locked on them and got them back, a bit closer landing then previous times.

It seemed that this trip really got the team back to focus on team work. Wyatt tells Lucy as the three have drinks and talks about when she took a drink if that was what she wanted to or was it in a book. Only she has the control to change her future. Also not to mention that Rufus and his crush finally kisses.

I enjoyed this episode even though there wasn’t an answer on why Flynn came but I believe it was just to throw them off and get stranded. This seemed to be a standalone episode, which I like and a perfect one at that. I thought that the cast was each amazing. I loved the references made during the episode from Star Wars to Back to the Future. There were a lot of humor moments, mostly with Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus during their wild adventures from the berries to being caught by the French.

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