Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E08): “Skyfire Cycle”

Review: Terry’s favorite author is receiving death threats and Jake makes sure they take the case. Terry initially doesn’t want to meet his childhood hero, but when he comes face to face with Parlov, they hit it off. Jake and Terry figure out that the best way to find out which fan is behind the death threats, is to head over to location of Parlov’s upcoming event, a reading of his new book. They dress in to fit in with the fanboys and show up with a fake, sexist petition to change a female dragon to a male one.

After a while, one of the fanboys signs the petition, but the handwriting doesn’t match. When they compare the handwriting to the inscription from Parlov in Terry’s copy of the book, they find out it’s a perfect match: Parlov wrote the death threats himself!

When they go to Parlov’s hotel room to confront him, Parlov denies writing himself the death threats. He confesses that he didn’t write the inscription in Terry’s copy himself, but that his ex-assistant wrote it, and thus wrote the death threats. Terry’s sad that his favorite author didn’t write the inscription and isn’t who he thought he was. But Jake tries to cheer him up by admitting that Terry’s the hero, not Parlov, and who Jake wants to be when he grows up.

Jake goes to the ex-assistant’s apartment to question him, but he tries to get away. But he’s no match for Terry, who shows up at just the right moment to arrest him! What a hero!

Gina and Boyle are going on the Boyle family vacation and Gina wants to change the location, because she hates nature. Instead of Iowa, Gina’s idea of a family vacation involves a more Caribbean climate. She sneakily tries to sway Boyle family members behind Charles’ back by taking them out to dinner, but when Boyle finds out, he calls for a “council of the cousins”.

At the council meeting, Boyle and Gina give speeches to get the Boyle cousins’ votes. The next day, the votes are in: The Boyle family is going to Aruba! Gina’s excited to have won, but Boyle thinks there was another kind of victory for Gina that’s more important: Gina spent so much time getting to know the Boyle family, that she became a part of the family in her own right.

Finally, Kevin and Holt are having a tiff involving a mathematical problem and ask Amy and Rosa to solve it for them. When Amy sides with Kevin, Holt is not pleased. He’s convinced that Kevin’s assessment must be incorrect; so much so, that he loses sleep over it. Amy decides that the best way to go about it, is to explain the solution to Holt. But Rosa has a different idea: seeing as Kevin and Holt haven’t been able to spend much time together, they probably need some naked, quality alone time. But Amy doesn’t want to hear anything about her father figures doing the dirty.

Amy shows Holt a model of the math problem to explain it to him, but before she can, Rosa jumps in with her own solution. Holt starts yelling, clearly taken aback by the invasion of his privacy. 40 minutes later, he finally retreats to his office, haah! But Rosa’s suggestion does do the trick, because the very next day he’s let the whole thing go, having done exactly what Rosa suggested!