Legends of Tomorrow (S02E06) “Outlaw Country”

The Legends are headed back to the ol’ West and see a (somewhat) friendly face and take down a greedy miner. While tracking down the source of the man’s income, Mick is faced with some internal struggles.

Our new episode of Legends starts out with an obvious time pirate looking in a wooded area for a mysterious item. Nefarious cowboys come around and shoot the time bandit. Quickly pocketing the futuristic device that was helping the bandit locate whatever he was looking for, the man that “does the lettin’ around here” looks at his prize with greed.

Back on the Waverider, the Legends try to figure out why Damien Darhk and the time traveling speedster would want the amulet that Sara stole in the previous episode. With the team having their assignments on how to proceed, Grey and Jax have a chat about the message Future Barry left for Captain Hunter; but before they can talk any more on the matter, Martin gets a “headache”, but brushes it off as an adverse reaction to time travel.

In the library (how cool is it that a time traveling space ship has a library? Never getting over that.) Nate mentions that historically speaking the amulet doesn’t exist, which makes it loads more interesting. The time quake alert goes off and it has the Legends going back to the Ol’ West; more specifically Liberty Colorado: 1874.

As the team rides in, they see an old friend. Jonah Hex is being hanged for one reason or another and Nate catches a bullet in his teeth (and Mythbusters said it couldn’t be done). Back on the ship, Jonah finds out that Rip is MIA and that Sara is acting captain. Hex also reveals why he was being strung up: he was trying to catch Quentin Turnbull, our cowboy at the start of the episode; who apparently has his own country now.

As it turns out, most of Liberty is owned by Turnbull on account of all that gold in dem der hills. Or, at least something like it. With Mick on his way to the saloon to cause some trouble (and Amaya being his babysitter) and Jax, Nate and Ray going to infiltrate Turnbull’s office as tax collectors.

Naturally, the trio stumble upon something they should not have seen and a brawl ensues, and naturally, they cowboy up to go see the mine and what Turnbull is doing up there.

Back on the Waverider, Martin is making Gideon run several dozen tests to diagnose his headaches, which appear to be more psychosomatic than anything; and visions of a woman seem to be the common thread in Grey’s head.

At the mine, Ray discovers that Turnbull has  found a massive supply of dwarf star alloy: the power supply for his ATOM suit.

Mick is of course cheating at blackjack and winning Turnbull’s money, which backfires wildly. The two end up drinking and laughing.

With Mick not sticking to the plan, Jonah decides to do the same and enters the saloon and the fury of a weaponized dwarf star bullet is seen.

Naturally, Mick tries to take out Turnbull, but is out of ammo and the cattle rustler takes a shot at Heatwave. Thankfully, Nate Steels himself but the dwarf star pierces his metal skin and actually gets shot.

With Nate getting shot, Sara comes after Hex. Of course, there is more to the story when it comes to Jonah and Turnbull. Back in Calvert, Oklahoma, Turnbull had a gang of thugs who made the entire town get in the church which Turnbull then burned to the ground. Jonah escaped, but with the severe facial scars he has today.

With Martin’s headaches becoming more frequent, he keeps seeing the same woman in his vision. A stranger, but not a stranger.

With Nate recovering from his gunshot wound, Ray tells him that “there is no bravery without fear.” His words ring with Nate and it in turn jobs Ray’s memory. It’s time to stop a locomotive!

With the team on their way to save Summit Pass and thus the ol’ West, it’s time to collect a bounty on Quentin Turnbull.

Nate has a plan to stop the train, and with Mick and Amaya blowing up the mine, and Jonah and Sara taking down Quentin, the team has no room for error.

Goodbye, mine! Goodbye, Turnbull Country! Hello train! (Come on, Nate! You Got this!)

And he did it! Steel is the MAN!

With the West saved, the Legends have stopped the aberration. It seems that Mick is looking to tame the wild animal inside with the help of Amaya, and Jax is helping Stein decipher who is in his visions.

Ray is working on something pretty cool. Say hello to Steel.

The final moments have our Legends going back to 2016. Hello crossover event, we’ve been waiting for you.

I personally like to think of every episode of Legends of Tomorrow as a love letter to all the comic book geeks out there who wanna see cool stuff happen. How cool is it we are in an age where there are time traveling cowboys? This episode showed up that Mick needs to work on some things, and he’s surprisingly open to it. Nate realized how vulnerable he was despite his new powers, and Sara is starting to move on from vengeance to acceptance of what can’t be changed. More importantly, we are seeing a possibly grim future that might await the Legends when they come back to 2016 to help The Flash and The Green Arrow when Supergirl arrives on Earth-1. I always love the ol’ West, but could have used more Jonah Hex. 7.5/10