Lucifer (S02E10) “Quid Pro Ho” Review

Thankfully Amenadiel shows up just in time to stop Mom from blowing Chloe up. He tells dear old Mom that if she kills Chloe then Lucifer will hate her forever. So Charlotte decides on a different strategy. Lucifer sees Linda who asks him about his date with Chloe. He was too chicken to admit that he… well chickened out. When he goes to Chloe to explain she doesn’t want to hear it. Today’s the day the warden gets tried for murdering Daddy Dekker. Lucifer goes to offer some moral support. At the precinct Danny Boy has a skip in his step. Sleeping with the Goddess of all Creation will do that. But a FedExed head puts a damper on the morning. Boris, the only witness connecting the Warden to Dekker’s death is now dead. To make matters worse Lucifer’s Mom is the Warden’s attorney. She struggles a bit but immediately finds her footing wowing everyone with her sudden grasp of law. The trial continues. Lucifer confronts his mother who says she did try to kill Chloe (making Luci go all glowing evil eye on her). She wants to teach her son how fickle and capricious humans can be specifically Chloe Dekker. Amenadiel goes looking for the bomb that’s still attached to Chloe’s car but runs into Maze. To cover his ass Amenadiel says he’s been looking for her because he misses her. That’s more or less true but Maze isn’t dumb. She had already found the bomb then attached it to Amenadiel’s car which she promptly blew up. No one’s hurting Maze’s new roommate on her watch.


In order to regain Chloe’s regard, Lucifer gives a testimony using his Devil charm. He claims that Chloe excused herself from the case once she called in the murder scene but through some technicality had placed Chloe under suspicion (like stalking the guy who supposedly murdered her father); information Charlotte somehow obtained. Hmmm, Dan? Turns out while Dan was in a sex coma Charlotte had gone through his phone finding texts about the incident. A downtrodden Amenadiel goes to Linda for advice on how to make up with Maze. Linda reminds him that he has a habit of using his closest friends for his own ends. Maze tells Lucifer that Charlotte tried to kill Chloe but Lucifer knew that. Dan comes and Maze cannot stop with the sexual innuendoes which is hilarious for all of us who know what she’s talking about. Dan and Lucifer team up to help Chloe both feeling that they had let her down. Boris was killed by someone from the Triad. Triad and Russian Mafia don’t get along. All three of them go to the head of the Triad in LA. Dan finally lets slip that he slept with Charlotte sending Lucifer into a fit of rage. He attacks Dan, crashing through a wall where they end up with guns in their faces. Lucifer manages to negotiate a deal. One of their best fighters against the Triad’s in exchange for information. Maze kicks ass and gets two new swords out of the deal. Lucifer and Dan find their suspect but he’s dead with a headless Boris.


Charlotte offers Chloe a deal. If she denounced Lucifer as a liar she would throw the case getting the Warden locked up for good. Tempting. Lucifer makes it back to the courthouse in time for Chloe’s testimony. Instead of denouncing Lucifer, Chloe extolls him as one of the best partners she ever had. As a result the Warden is pronounced not guilty. Amenadiel goes to find Maze with a bouquet of apology flowers (don’t think Maze is the flower kind of girl… try leather). He meets Penelope, Chloe’s mom, who is crying. Amenadiel suddenly recognizes her from a long time ago then leaves in a hurry. Dan follows the Warden to the dark side of town. He knows what the Warden did. The Warden brags but Dan mentions that the Russians don’t like it when you take out one of their own without permission. Suddenly a black van shows up and men take the Warden at gun point. Dan gets in the car with Maze who says she was surprised that Dan had it in him. I’m not actually surprised since Dan has a history of bending the rules. Amenadiel surprises Mom at her office saying that 35 years ago God told him to bless this one couple who were having trouble conceiving a child. That miracle child was Chloe Dekker. Chloe really IS a gift from God! Charlotte is ecstatic because this means Chloe is the key to getting Amenadiel’s grace back and getting back into Heaven. Uh oh. Chloe surprises Lucifer at his penthouse. Lucifer was just on his way out to give her a make up dinner. They eat, drink, chat. Lucifer and Chloe have this intimate moment where they lean in to each other… Do they kiss? We won’t know until the next episode!


A+! I knew there had to be something special about Chloe! But how is she the key to getting Amenadiel’s grace back or to get them back into Heaven? Maybe it involves a blood sacrifice because in the promo for the next episode Chloe is bleeding nonstop. Dan revealed a bit of his dark side. He felt really guilty for putting Chloe through so much pain and heart ache so I feel like he felt that he needed to get her justice somehow even if it wasn’t through honest means. As long as the Warden doesn’t get away with murder. Lucifer seems like he’s going to give this new thing with Chloe a shot. It’s scary for him since she still doesn’t really believe he’s the Devil but if she sees his true face it would all come crashing down. Lucifer has proven that he’ll go to great lengths to protect Chloe. I’m curious to see what he’ll do to save Chloe from his scheming mother.