Salem (S03E03): The Reckoning

HEAR YE, HEAR YE!! CALLING ALL HEATHENS!! COME ONE, COME ALL!! Hear the tale of “The Reckoning!!”

     This episode showed us there really is consequences to our actions, if our actions were to try and kill the devil that had possessed our son. Which is exactly what Mary did in the last episode. So, as a result of her actions, her punishment (we think) is only to have a giant puzzle box put on her head. She must live inside her own head…with a visit by The Sentinel and her possessed, powerful, and very vengeful child. More on that later.

But the Salem residents are dealing with their own version of hell on earth. Witches, demons, and red flaming skies..Oh My!! There is an explosion in the direction of the town of Deerfield, lighting the sky blood red. Along with the influx of new refugees, the citizens call for action…so the town leaders call a meeting. Hawthorne and Cotton lead the meeting, with Cotton calling for calm. They decide to send some of the militia to Deerfield, but one desenter would rather the militia stay in the town…you know, just in case. So John Alden takes Billy (who we found to be a girl), his ardent admirer to see what happened. Telling Billy to hide, she instead climbs into their wagon. As they reach the town, they don’t just find it burned…it has been incinerated, along with all the people. But Alden sees something that is far from being right. Sebastian giving the French a vial of Angels’ Tears, from which red mercury is made. The same thing that descemated Deerfield. The Sentinel had given Sebastian this to be delivered. This is a harbinger.

Billy is our hope beyond hope. She so strongly believes in Alden and the good he can do, that we start to believe in the strong, protective Alden of previous seasons. I want so much to see Alden live up to hero Billy believes him to be. I think there’s a chance.

On to Cotton. After a night of loving, Anne and Cotton decide to go out to the market. Which is just what Cotton wanted. While Anne is busy with talking to the refugees, Cotton is busy secretly buying the ingredients he needs to get rid of Brown Jenkins. Personally, if I had a witches’ rat familiar in my gut, I would have found a way to rid myself of it LOOOOOONNNGGGGG before now…but anyway…. Cotton puts the potion together and drinks it, along with a lot of ale at the meeting. As his tummy makes very loud noises (he makes a lame excuse for the sounds), he hurriedly ends the meeting and heads to the out house. When he gets there, he begins to vomit and pulling Brown out. This scene is gross and very cringe-worthy. Once out, he proceeds to stomp Brown to death..or so he thinks. Convinced that Brown is dead, he leaves the outhouse, seemingly back to his old self. Anne thinks she may finally be with child, which would fit in with the theme of “Mother and child” this season. We all know familiars can’t die…so the look on Anne’s face when Brown comes home to her…priceless. Cotton is about to go through his own hell on earth.

Mercy gave Hawthorne the cure for her curse, but it only lasts a short time. He must keep coming back to her for more. The price? He must please her at night. The uniting of two lost people…that could work. When Isaac tries to tell Hawthorne about some connections he’s made to Mercy killing of the man from episode one, he gets brushed off. So he goes to Cotton. No luck there, as Cotton is trying to hide his own actions. Is our darling Isaac lost?  On his night watch, Mercy sends men to beat the crap out of him. When he goes home, battered and pissed, he’s nursed by the young girl he had saved. She traces the “F” burned into his forehead. She tells him it doesn’t stand for “Fornicator,” it stands for “Fearless.” This gives Isaac the hope and strength he (and we) need to continue. This was a very touching scene in an episode so heavy on destruction.

Back to Anne….the box is not her true punishment. So, let The Reckoning begin. The devil starts by telling Anne who he really is. It seems that her son has been possessed by Sameal, the Angel of Death and the snake who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. This would be a bad thing. Anne’s punishment is severe and swift. One by painfully one, fire, air, water, and earth, Anne’s powers are taken away. She is left human and hurting. Don’t piss off the devil.

We also find out that the devil enlisted the French and Indians to flood Salem with refugees, scared, poor and hungry. These poor folks are the ones that will get the blame when Salem burns. Starting a hundred year war that will destroy all human life. The last scene we are left with is it starting to snow. Though, it’s not snow, but ashes of the people of Deerfield. The devil leans out on the balcony, and opens his mouth, to catch the ashes of the dead on his tongue.