Supergirl (S02E08) “Medusa”

With strange happenings surrounding Supergirl, Thanksgiving has come to National City and Medusa closely follows…

Happy turkey day! Winn and James insist on telling Kara the truth about Guardian, while Alex has some news of her own. Right before Winn can dig into Dr. Danvers’ glazed carrots, Mon-El brings parts of his mattress (he’s honestly like a lost puppy) and does his best to impress Kara’s adoptive mom.

With Kara realizing that Mon-El might be into her, (nice try sneaking the hard stuff out of the freezer Alex, I saw that) the family sits down to Thanksgiving dinner and everyone is eager to say how thankful they all are. A slightly drunk Alex is interrupted by a massive wave of tachyons (I bet this has something to do with some of that weird red lightning from last season), the suddenly disappears without a trace.

The next day, the DEO has the task of finding out what CADMUS wants with Kara’s blood, so why not ask the daughter of the mass murdering nutbar?


After Kara finishes being bad at acting coy, Lena makes a phone call.

At the alien bar, a mysterious hooded figure that looks like J’onn, Mon-El does his best to say no to a rather attractive alien. As he follows Cyborg Superman out of the bar, a strange object ejects smoke, killing all of the aliens in the bar.

Lena and Lillian Luthor meet up and some of Lillian’s truly horrific characteristics are seen.

In a DEO cell, Mon-El and Kara are playing Monopoly (adorable) and start a conversation about if he “likes her likes her” (adorable) and Mon-El is like “…No…*lol*” (adorable). Then he goes into a coma (not adorable).

With the information from Dr. Danvers, Kara finds out that CADMUS wanted to get into the Fortress of Solitude. Kara discovers the name of the virus, Medusa, but that it was her father who created the virus to kill any non-Kryptonian that invaded Krypton.

In the lab, Eliza and Alex have a talk about Maggie. Since a mother always knows, Eliza tells her daughter how much she loves her.

J’onn and Kara have a talk about how disappointed Kara is in her parents. J’onn says that the House of El was only to protect her. Kara is their legacy.

In that same moment, Kara learns the truth about J’onn’s coming transformation, and that the dispersion method the virus needs is only available through L Corp.

As Cyborg Superman and Supergirl battle it out, C.S. decides to take out Lena, but the Girl of Steel saves her.

Right before C.S. makes his last move to take out Kara Zor-El, another strange tachyon cloud appears, distracting C.S. long enough for Kara to take advantage and gain the upper hand, but not before he can shoot a laser beam at Det. Sawyer.

Swooping into Lena’s office, Supergirl drops the bomb that Lillian is the head of CADMUS. She does not take it well.

The Zor-El meets with Mon-El in his hospital bed, and the moment Kara as secretly been waiting for: he looks into he eyes, and finally kisses her.

As with good news, there is always bad news. It seems Lena has turned to the dark side and is helping her mother.

With CADMUS heading to the port of National Cit, the DEO and NCPD are both on high alert.

Right before Lena launches the horrifying virus, J’onn and Supergirl land to take out the mother-daughter duo, but it’s too late, the rocket is already in the air.

With Kara trying to take down the missile, J’onn is going to battle Cyborg Superman. This is the fight of the season so far folks. No hols barred, bare-knuckle, winner take all.

Right as it seems Cyborg Superman is about to win the fight, J’onn becomes something new. J’onn embraces the new blood inside of him and becomes a Green Martian/White Martian hybrid, putting a pathetic Hank Henshaw in his place with a look of horror.

Thankfully Kara has a hold on the missile, but it’s too late. Lillian has already unleashed the virus.

As the debris rains down upon National City, the aliens look at what might be their impending destruction with wonder and … nothing happens.

Lena Luthor, you sonofasoandso.

After that stunning revelation, there seems to be a mysterious space ship whose inhabitants seem intent on capturing Mon-El. Could this be what he was trying to tell Kara in the last episode.

With Mon-El saved, and J’onn spared from the White Martian blood, it seems everything is okay! But what about that kiss?

Sadly, Mon-El seems to be too chicken to admit his feelings for Kara at this point…

Maggie shows up with some pizza and some reasons to vent. Naturally, this ends with Maggie realizing how short life is (she did almost die) and the two kiss(finally, JEEZ).

The next morning, the sunflowers in Kara’s apartment start to shake and another strange surge of tachyons appear. Oh, hey Barry and Cisco!

Of course it was Barry! But he needs some help!

Aside from Lena being a badass, Alex taking the plunge (in both telling her mom and kissing Maggie), and Mon-El making a move, this episode was a bit lighter than I expected from Supergirl. To be fair, it’s crossover week, and that’s a huge undertaking for any writer. This episode had to have a plot that was wrapped up in less than half an hour to introduce the episode of The Flash (which I encourage all of you to read the review of our own Flash review here: The Flash (S3E8): Invasion! ) I can’t wait until next week! 9/10