Teen Wolf (S06E03) “Sundowning”

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Hello all, an Happy Teen Wolf Tuesday! 🙂

We open up this episode in the science lay with Mr. Douglas teaching the class about electricity. But things go from educational to a deadly cough spree.  Mr. Douglas has flashbacks of water, a body tube, and bam! We find out it was him there in the water all along. Then back in the class, he tries to talk more about the electric rod, but bursts into wheezing. He flees the room into the closet full of tubes of helium & starts inhaling until he’s stable. Liam & his classmates are worried about Mr. Douglas.

We then switch over to Lydia & Scott looking up the meaning of “Stiles” but having no luck. Malia can’t join them because she’s attempting a test in the office with Lydias mom. An Lydias Mom is no help when Malia starts stressing out & can’t handle. Those breathing exercises didn’t work when she transformed into a coyote. Scott & Lydia know that they have to help since Malia decided to howl through the school hallways. They find her in a safe spot she use to us for when she transformed. Its territorial to her so they have no chose but to back off, give her space, ad then she goes back. It is then reveled that Stiles is a nickname to the family of the Sheriff. Nice going Sheriff!

In the locker room one of the girls freak out that her sisters things are gone. An no one knows who she is talking about. Yet Hayden, who I thought would’ve been helpful but wasn’t. Saying she never knew the girl at all, even though she had been on the team for two years.

At the Sheriffs home, he reveals it was a nickname his father used in the war. Scott tells the Sheriff that he feels as though he knew someone with that nickname, his age, & he was his best friend. As they talk Lydia yet again sees a woman walking around, saying “This is the end or this is the last stop” (if I remember correctly) with the train going off in the background. Lydia tries questioning the woman..but she vanishes when Mama Stilinski calls out to her. Back in the room the Sheriff says Scott & Lydia they can’t see his father! End of Story.

Hayden confronts the girl once more about her situation. Explaining to her that she believes her & about the Ghost Riders. The girl finds it all a joke & wants nothing to do with Hayden afterwards. Since she feels as though that Hayden is making it seem like it’s all a joke.

Scott still wants to go to the Nursing Home, Malia & Lydia are in. Even though the Sheriff told him no, he can’t resist. Liam confronts them before they head out & asks how do they protect the girl that the Ghost Riders are after. Malia keeps telling him to kidnap her but Scott says not to & just to put her in a safe place. So Liam’s gang decides to throw the part at a safer place then where it’s going to be. They all have the same idea of where to take her, but well soon find out that it was a bad idea. Scott, Lydia, & Malia (mostly Scott & Lydia) feel that it’s a bit wrong to break into a nursing home. Malia, who seems to give no damn shit, walks in there & owns the place! Like a boss (even though she is one of my least favorite characters). They do find Grandpa Stilinski but soon find out he has dementia. There going to be here for awhile.

Before I jump to far ahead, let us not forget in the in between scenes of Mama McCall ready to fight who ever was in her kitchen! Luckily enough it was only Argent making coffee. But in need of Mamma McCall’s help looking at the body. Which they do find out in the morgue that a past victim had a very important piece missing from the  brain. But why though?

Back at the safe place (basically Scott’s house) the party is wild, the asshole gets paid off with $100s (which I’m still questioning where Mason got it from), & they spread mountain ash everywhere! Safe home right! Not so much…cause the Ghost Rider gets in. But no one can see him & think that the girl running around screaming has lost her mind. That’s until Corey uses his camouflage powers on him…now everyone can see. Yup. RUN! Everyone bolts in seconds but the others are still trying to protect the girl from the Ghost Rider inside & the one they found outside while trying to escape. Luckily Parish comes to the rescue but doesn’t do much but shoot him& yell “On your knees!” To be honest I though he would’ve been lashed at but instead the Ghost Rider leaves. So is Parish like a repealing being against them  or do they not like Hellhounds an find them a nuisance? Curious.

In the nursing home, it’s night fall & there still getting nowhere. Malia is getting more threatening & impatient by the minute! Scott has to do all he can so she doesn’t go fully coyote on Grandpa Stilinski. Lydia then uses math equations on him & he starts answering like a pure genius! But pulls a whole 360 when notices his surrounding. He starts talking smack about everyone in the room, now there all ready to kick his ass! But the Sheriff makes it in time to stop them & have them leave the room before anything else bad happens. Before leaving his father tells him to go ahead & leave. To go back to his life with a dead wife & a useless son. Things are unraveling! At the station Lydia’s mother lectures the crap out of them & charges weren’t pressed against Malia for knocking out the nurse.

Scott heads home to a very messy house & pretty much bad news. He tells Liam that those Ghost Riders will be after everyone in the room that saw them. Liam fucked up. Scott is cleaning his room before his mom gets home & Papa Stilinski shows up to help & with a sad story about how abusive his dad was. Made me even more sad for him.

In the morgue, Mamma McCall wastes no time in cutting the skull open & not finding the organ in the brain that’s supposed to be there. Argent informs her that in some lore or mythology that, that organ is basically the soul of the body. But they still have no clue of who’s taking in. Then we near out end with the janitor (the new one) getting his neck snapped and head ripped open. Guess who. It’s Mr. Douglas enjoying some brain organs with red eyes. It makes you sick looking at him.

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P.S. Parish goes all Hellhound next episode, so ready!