The Flash (S03E08) “Invasion!”

Well, you really did it this time Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) you brought all the heroes of the time traveling, to the arrow shooting, to the superhuman alien, to (oh wait thats about everybody) and then it ends up being you against the world run by aliens mainly the Dominator’s (I know quite a rational and hostile name but its what they are named). This 4 part story is based off of one of the oldest comic book stories known to DC comic readers! We are brought into the comic story of Invasion, hint hint thats where they got the title for the crossover episode. But I have to say this is literally one of the best episodes since episode 1 of Season 3, I mean yes I said episode 7 of Season 3 was a great episode but this episode tops it like by ten million points in my book. But for me guys and gals I have truly loved Blake Neely’s music to all of the CW Superhero shows and he did a phenomenal job for the crossover music in this episode and I know its going to be phenomenal in the other parts of the crossover too I have to give Blake Neely huge props in this episode for that amazing score he revealed in this episode. But lets get to the episode recap aspect of  the review, I mean this episode was literally awesome and super and just awesome!

In the episode we are taken to Oliver/Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) being attacked and Flash zooms the two of them to a wall to take cover from the heavy fire. Oliver then tells Barry he’s really done it this time, hes come to him for his help and then they end up up the creek (which is so true every time). Barry and Oliver then dodge heat vision, they then look upon the evil heroes ready to open fire once again upon them.

We are then taken 10 hours earlier, where Iris (Candice Patton) is still worried about Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) wanting to go out to fight crime with Barry. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) sees it as hard to try to stop Wally but they all agree to lie to Wally so he doesn’t have the temptation of wanting to go out there and help Barry. Harrison “H.R.” Wells (Tom Cavanagh) makes a presentation to reopen Star Labs but the whole crew is very not open to the idea. They then get a satellite warning that a meteor is falling straight for the city; Barry then speeds to the crash site to reveal its an alien spaceship. The aliens then run out of the ship scaring Barry quite well.

The next day Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) then tries getting answers about what happened here but the government is not wanting to tell her, Barry speeds to the site again to tell Lyla everything. She then tells Team Flash about the alien race that Barry came in contact with which are known as The Dominator’s. Lyla tells Barry he can’t take on the Dominator’s by himself. Barry then speeds to Star City where Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle/Spartan (David Ramsey) are tracking down Vigilante (Mick Wingert) when they make contact with Vigilante he sends off rounds that would’ve killed both Oliver and Diggle but Barry saved them both in the knick of time. Barry then tells Oliver the new threat that they have to deal with now which is Aliens, Oliver’s sister Thea/Speedy (Willa Holland) who then ends up being game for going up against aliens.

When Team Flash and Team Arrow get the Legends of Tomorrow (Caity Lotz, Dominic Purcell, Victor Garber, Franz Drameh, and Brandon Routh) in the hangar of Star Labs. Barry then informs the teams him and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) must go to another earth to get an alien of their own to fight against the aliens. When Cisco opens the breech to Earth-38 he tells Barry this might take a few tries before getting it right (I wonder when it came to the first breech in the Supergirl episode where those two ended up because I was going to laugh if they had ended up on top of Kara’s turkey dinner) but finally after the 3rd time Barry and Cisco end up breeched in an empty apartment. Cisco hopes that this is the right place because if not someone was going to be pissed and confused in how they got into their apartment. When the door opens Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) is happy to see Barry and knew it was him with those breech portals but Barry gets straight to the point in collecting on that favor Kara promised him during last time.

Barry, Cisco and Kara/Supergirl all come out of the breech on Earth-1 to meet the other teams. Barry then introduces Kara to the others but are all not convinced that shes an alien. Jax (Franz Drameh) demands proof, so Kara does her heat vision to make her symbol on the floor leaving her mark on Star Labs hangar. Everyone is then convinced and demand to know who is in charge of the team. Cisco voted for Oliver but Oliver declares Barry since he did bring all of the teams together. The teams then begin training by practicing on attacking Kara. Dr. Stein (Victor Garber) and Jax both feel they need to tell Barry about a message that was given to their old captain Rip Hunter. When Barry and Oliver hear the message to reveal that no one can trust Barry in the year 2016, Oliver becomes concerned in what Barry did. Barry reveals he created a timeline called Flashpoint but reversed it to make things better but changes, alterations were made to peoples lives and he reveals all of them.

The team then gets notification the Dominator’s have the President (Jerry Wasserman) Cisco who finds the recording then confronts Barry about him keeping things from the rest of the team, so because of Sara/White Canary (Caity Lotz) demanding to know what is being kept from them. Barry then tells the teams about the message from Barry from 40 years in the future warning the team about 2016’s Barry to not trust him and that the team is going into a war. Barry then tells them he tried to change the past and then changed it back but with changes and because of that certain people of the teams don’t trust Barry now. Supergirl then guides the team to the location while Oliver and Barry stay behind. The Dominator’s then show off their power to disintegrate the President and then turns on a device to mind control the whole team to destroy Barry.

Going into where they left off 10 hours ago, Wally then finds out the team is in trouble and volunteers to help which then he knocks out Spartan, Speedy, and White Canary. Wally then tells Barry his superhero name Kid Flash but gets knocked out by Supergirl. Barry tells Oliver to get Wally inside the bunker while he takes Supergirl to destroy the device. Barry and Supergirl speed through the city as Barry gets to the device where he creates a speed mirage where Supergirl destroys the device. When Supergirl and Barry return to see everyone is back to themselves they get abducted by the Dominator’s, Barry then speeds to Oliver trying to get him before he is abducted as well but is an inch too slow leaving only Barry left to rescue the abducted team members.

4 Part Crossover Event To Be Continued on Arrow on Wednesday November 30,2016

Next Episode: The Flash (S3E9): The Present airs Tuesday December 6, 2016