This Is Us (S01E07) “The Best Washing Machine In The World”

In one of the most brotherly episode yet, we get into the deeper relationship of Kevin and Randall and why they seem not close.

When Kevin and Randall had an evening planned with their mother, she cancels so the two head to have an evening of brotherly quality time. Kevin takes Randall to a hot place where he knows people and makes Randall look small as he did back when the two were kids, as we see flashbacks of them as teenagers. Kevin wanting to split from Randall and the two were playing football for two different schools, which led to a big fight between the two and a heated father.

But the two opened up and finally got down to brass tax when Randall tells Kevin that he was jealous because Randall got more attention from mom. While Randall told him that he was trying to get respect from him but never did. Even thought some of the scenes of them together moving, there were funny scenes like the fight in the middle of the city and Late Night’s Seth Meyers pops up asking Kevin if he was okay.

Meanwhile, Kate and Toby have some difference of how their relationship was going now that he lost more weight then she did. After not hearing from him, Kate tries to find him and sees him at his place with a lot of food. He decides that he done losing weight but still wants to support her even though that took a dive when he was trying to eat health for her. It kind of backfired for Kate as she ate a box of powder donuts.

Beth and William had a night to themselves, but William couldn’t handle eating anything that she had cook. But she gives the option of having some adult brownies and the two had a blast and even chatted. But that chatting has gotten William in trouble when Beth mention a book Randall loves and he tells her that he gave that book to Rebecca.

“The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World” had emotional part down for Kate, Randall and Kevin storylines. As an older brother, I loved watching Kevin and Randall’s relationship grow in this episode. Loved the fight scene when they were on the ground and Late Night’s own Seth Meyers was hilarious. Also not to mention the two finally hanging out watching The Manny in Kevin’s room, in the basement.

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