This Is Us (S01E08) “Pilgrim Rick”

This episode might be handles down the best Thanksgiving episode, I’ve seen on television. This had about everything of the meaning of what Thanksgiving is about: tradition.

It’s Thanksgiving Day and Randall is full of excitement as the family is coming for their traditional holiday. With the present time and the past we come to know their traditional things from eating breaded hot dogs to one of the kids becoming Pilgrim Rick, who was the motel clerk. Even taking a hike in the woods and watching Police Academy 3.

While Randall and the family celebrate, Kate was stuck getting there on her flight. She decides that Toby shouldn’t go with her and that she needs to figure things out about her and her weight. After the plane takes a turbulence and a passenger, who thought she was gonna die, tells Kate that she decided that she needed to changed her life and that gave her the idea.

When William told Randall about the tapes he use to listen to on his Thanksgiving, Randall decided to go back and get them. But when he found the box of cassette tapes, he found something else, a letter that has Rebecca’s handwriting.

When he came back, the family began to do one last tradition, passing the yarn and say what you’re thankful for. When Rebecca told what she was thankful, she passed it towards Randall and that’s where he shows her the letter he found at Williams’s place. Upset and furious, he walks out but after that we see one more flashback of Randall saying that he loves Thanksgiving and that what they had was the best Thanksgiving ever.

This episode had really played with my emotions. There were times I’d laughed and there were plenty of times that I’d try to cry and also times that I did cry. This episode was so spot on with their characters and the theme that it just blew me away. It had me wanting to do the things that they were doing for Thanksgiving. Each cast member was outstanding in their own way as each

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