Aftermath: (S01E10) “Hieronymo’s Mad Againe”




A picturesque scene of a family settling down to a quiet afternoon and picnic. It seems almost normal, but this Aftermath and nothing is ever as it seems. The Copeland’s happen upon a grisly scene of bodies that have been stretched. It’s one of the many unsettling scenes this episode has to offer. 

Our beloved family is on the move, they need tetra in a bad way. Josh isn’t doing so well, the constant coughing up blood doesn’t not reassure the family that he is going to be okay. This is the plague, next stop “Feverhead”. They cannot allow that to happen. When their previous searches bring nothing but ransacked reserves, they find a clue that what they need could be local care facility. The girls decide to seek out what they need while Matt stays back at the RV with dad (who is now shackled by handcuffs). 

The care facility is not warm and inviting, it is downright creepy. At every turn you fully expect someone or something to come and drag you into the dark abyss. Instead the girls are confronted by a nurse who had stationed herself and her family in the facility. Unfortunately marauders got to their stash of medical supplies and took her husband’s life in the process. She seems like a lonely, sad woman. But looks are deceiving as ever. 

You can’t get over the fact that there is something more sinister at work in this episode. It is one of the creepier ones to date, and it had me on edge for most of it. The writer’s dove into this other aspect of the Apocalypse, the darker side. Not every survivor is a good person, or a sane one. Soon it is revealed just how much trouble the girls are in. The promise of tetra was too good to pass up, so when they are separated it’s for the good of the family and Josh. 

Back at the RV Josh is beginning to unhinge even more. The voices are loud and erratic and he is getting harder to understand. His words may seem random, but there is a bigger connection with what is going on around them. He is seeing something and feeling something that no one else can. Matt chooses to leave the RV and wander to clear his head, there is no way he is going to sit there and watch the plague take away his father. 

Things aren’t going so well for the girls either. There is no tetra to be found, Bri and Dana have been locked in on the second floor and poor Karen is stabbed with a needle by the clearly insane Nurse. Things can never be easy for this family, there is always some twist to snap them back to their cruel reality. Pause for the most bizarre tea party and the moon being bombarded by meteors, and it’s just another day in the life. 

The Copeland’s are not the hopeless type though. So even when things are looking grim and people are about to get skinned alive (that is quite literal in this case), there is some other force that keeps them safe from harm. Bri and Dana work together to get out of their prison. It turns out brute force and science are the perfect pair! They are there to save their mother just in the nick of time. And even though the psycho nurse is still in pursuit, they are able to put her down. Teamwork and timing is impeccable and they are saved from becoming another stuffed trophy. 

Josh is barely hanging on by a thread. He escapes his confines and the hallucinations he has are distorted. It’s interesting to see things from his point of view. No wonder the Feverheads go crazy. In this state Josh sees a boy, the one who was missing from the family that was found at the beginning of the episode. On the wall is written “The One Is Many”. He starts slipping further, choking this boy, who ends up being Matt. It’s just one disturbing thing after another. 

When the girls come back to the RV empty handed, it looked as though for once the Copeland’s were losing hope. Josh is getting worse and there is debris from the moon hurling straight to earth. They may have only a few more days left alive. The fact that they have survived this far is nothing short of a miracle. Will they end up losing one of their own before total extinction? The answers will soon be revealed. 

The edge of your seat madness proves to be a fantastic ride. This is what keeps me coming back to watch another episode. 


Rating: 10/10