Chicago Fire (S05E07): “Lift Each Other”


I especially like that the episode was titled “Lift Each Other” because when Casey said that at the end, it really summoned up the entire hour of television we had all just watched. These characters are always looking out for one another – whether for newcomer James or between partners such as Dawson and Brett.

This episode proved most emotional for Dawson and Casey. Each character was presented with dramatic plot lines that challenged them, but in their own ways, they supported each other. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when Dawson walked back into her house at the end of the episode. It felt natural for her to be mad, that’s usually what the writers have done for similar plot lines, but her reaction was fresh and enlightening.

I liked James’ storyline, but it was way too predictable. It also had an unbalanced pace to it. It was very slow to progress in the beginning of the episode, but by the end, James went from lying to confessing in back to back scenes. Maybe when the episode was written, it wasn’t meant to flow like this and things changed in the editing process, but I think the moment would have been more impactful with some distance between scenes. But, all in all, the storyline was just too been there, done that.

It will be interesting to see how Dawson and Antonia deal with the divorce, and I’m curious if anything will show up in Chicago Justice on Antonio’s side? Probably not since we don’t know a release date yet, but it’s a possibility and would be very interesting.

This episode in a whole was a great addition to the series. It was well balanced with comic relief and emotion.