Impastor (S02E09) “Judge Not”

Plot Summary:

The FBI has a surprise plan for Buddy; Sheriff Graham finally drops the hammer on the pastor; Dora suspects Buddy has a female lover.

At the end of the last episode two weeks ago we see Buddy getting stopped by a man from the FBI. Of course we think he’s in the biggest trouble he’s ever been in. I’m sure Buddy was thinking the same thing. But luckily the FBI had a different surprise for him.

We also saw Buddy and Alexa get a lot closer together but they messed up. Is Dora going to figure out what happened?

Since Sheriff Graham started coming around to ask Dora about Buddy she has been very paranoid. Not trusting anything Buddy tells her. I wonder what will happen if Buddy loses Dora because he isn’t telling her the whole truth…

All I know is when Alexa confronted Buddy about her bra she told him she couldn’t do that again with him. Especially if he won’t tell people about them. Of course Buddy wouldn’t be Buddy if he didn’t try.

Now Buddy has to find a way to explain the bra to Dora. Luckily Buddy can think quick on his feet.

If trying to hide his relationship with Alexa wasn’t hard enough, Buddy now has to figure out how to save Austin from being shipped of to a juvenile  detention center. I’m sure Buddy feels bad seeing as Austin was just listening to his advice. But before he can save him he has to deal with helping the FBI.

This week we also got to see Alden and Ashlee about town. I love seeing them together. Alden gets a little more loose and frisky when he is around her. That always make me laugh. It’s great seeing him this way. Happy and in love.

One of my favorite things about this episode is Buddy playing dress up.

He dressed up to make someones day brighter, but not who showed up at his house. It was awesome that his late night visitor was Sheriff Graham and not Alexa. But sadly she didn’t think it was funny, maybe disturbing but definitely not funny.

Impastor is keeping with their great tradition with ending the episode with a big cliffhanger. This week it was not one we were expecting. It leads to so many questions I hope they answer next week.

I have so many questions! Do you?

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So what was your favorite part of this week’s episode? What is your favorite thing about Impastor? Who is your favorite character?