Man Down (2016)

I literally have to confess when I first heard about this film I was skeptical about it because of the very short synopsis that it gave to people wanting to know about the movie. Even the trailers seemed to be not great at translating what the movie truly was which made me even more skeptical in really enjoying this kind of movie. But overall I did enjoy the film I just never would’ve expected Shia Labeouf to play a role such as this.

See this film has quite a big flaw in it, for the entire time the audience in the auditorium had to figure out “was this a flash back?” “was this actually happening at this very moment” see there was no indication what so ever that a flash back or a memory was being played out in this movie. Most movies get the audience prepared with a little flash or something not with just a blank stare and move forward with something that happened like years ago or something like that. Almost the whole movie had people not understanding why Gabriel Drummer (Shia Labeouf) was even being called upon to have a so called “mandatory” check up when he was in the marines. Its like marines don’t get a mandatory check up unless if they have had a traumatic event that had happened to the such person that they couldn’t cope with it. And I don’t want to spoil anything for my viewers for this film because I want them to experience the film for themselves.

However I am just going to tell my viewers that yes this film has flaws, I feel like director Dito Montiel was wanting to be a dick by not preparing the audience for any flash backs and the editing was good for a theatrical movie but it could’ve been better. Like for instance, the film started out with Gabriel Drummer (Shia Labeouf) and Devin Roberts (Jai Courtney) in this post-apocalyptic world where Gabriel is looking for his son and never says anything about looking for his wife Natalie (Kate Mara). Thats another flaw is Gabriel was looking for both his son Johnny (Charlie Shotwell) and wife Natalie but for the whole time in the post apocalyptic part of the storyline never says anything except for like close to the end about looking for his wife. Don’t you think if you were traveling in a post apocalyptic world with your best friend whose like a brother to you that you would say who you are looking for? I know I would! So why keep that valuable information out for practically the whole movie? Theres no point in keeping it secret! Like I said before I feel like the director was wanting to be a dick about this film!

Now I will say this PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), is no joke. And for those of you who love war movies I’m sure you have come across some of the main characters being diagnosed with the disorder but never seeing it in full form. And thats eventually where the film heads to is PTSD taking affect of Gabriel’s life. But for the whole time we are jumping from Gabriel now to when he was joining the Marines to when he was at his mandatory check up with Counselor Peyton (Gary Oldman) in the marines then back to the post apocalyptic world then repeats the process. That process happened the entire film, there was even a point in the movie I was even asking myself “why am I still watching this?” because that process of jumping every where out of order was driving me crazy! The only reason why I stayed in that auditorium is because I was curious to see where exactly this film was heading to. And thats another thing that was irritating they never said what made it a post apocalyptic world in the first place, only that the whole world had been wiped out. Thats a rule when filming a post apocalyptic world film you always address what ended up killing all life on earth even if it means revealing it at the end of the film but this film never did that.

I’m telling you this film has a lot of flaws within it. Did I eventually enjoy the film, yeah I did but there was a lot of the time where I was wondering if what I was watching was a flash back or if it was a memory or what was I watching, you know. Hell the only thing that made sense in this film was the word “Man Down” because its the word that Gabriel (Labeouf) and Johnny (Charlie Shotwell) made up in code for saying “I love you”. But its because of these flaws the film had I can’t give this film a good rating, if the director wanted good ratings he or she (with a name like Dito that person could be any gender) should’ve thought better when it came to the editing either that or watch the editor of the film better and make sure whoever is in charge of editing doesn’t do drugs because when you do drugs and edit a war film that ends up becoming post apocalyptic and you make the film jump in every single direction that almost no one can understand what is going on theres a huge problem there and should’ve been over looked while under the editing room.

I rate this film: 2 1/2 out of 5 stars because of that poor editing and constant jumping around that made no sense in why it jumped to that certain scene in the first place.