Supernatural (S12E07) “Rock Never Dies”

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The Supernatural Gang is back from the Holiday Break! Yes! Let’s get started!

To be fairly honest I never expected for Lucifer to be summoned by basically newbies in a basement. Sad but pretty cool that it worked with the Angel feather, although they did die in the end.

Dean has grown to love Words with Friends but his mom is kicking his butt though. Cas & Crowley call with big news! Guess who’s in LA reuniting a band? Lucifer!

In LA Lucy is plotting to gain more followers for something he has in mind. He gets everyone in the palm of his hands so easily. But will soon learn that doing things his way will scare people away very easily.
The boys do head to LA to find Lucy but with no luck. Crowley talked to his connections & no go, Dean & Sam dress up in black but no luck there, lastly Cas couldn’t even convince one of the band leaders something was up. When he knew something wasn’t right with Vince.

Meanwhile, while the boys were still struggling with there search, Lucy was busy getting his name carved in an obsessed fans chest. She loved him (Vince) but all Lucy truly wanted was to show that he can get his way, if he asked. But that wasn’t the end to his crazy rain. He didn’t practice a single song, he neglected the band, & pretty much killed every band member when the boys crashed the party.

The one skeptical band member did send a message to Cas way before meeting his doom. But even when the boys arrived they were no match. Cas & Crowley took a hard beating, Sam & Dean managed to get all the people out, but in the find out that Lucifer has basically given up. Or in my opinion tired of people abandoning him for others. So to make a point he won’t stop killing God’s precious humans since he seems to love them more then his own son.  ( The speech he said as well was very good. Cause to be fairly honest, he isn’t lying. That is very true about humans in the show & in real life today. He gave them words of wisdom right there. )

Lucy does leave the body of Vince as it rots away. Dean thinks they have a win but Sam soon reminds him that it’s not a win. There only slowly losing & Lucifer will only aim higher to the very end.

( Also, I should mention this is the shortest review I’ve done. I wanted to try something a bit different & try not to make it to long. Also, I feel as though Castiel’s sass will develop more & Dean may try new things. I mean after all, he did like the cucumber water. And can we please applaud that they acknowledged Crowley’s efforts..he took a hard damn beating. )