The Goldbergs (S04E08) “The Greatest Musical Ever Written”

Review: Barry is embarrassed by Adam’s love for theater and wants nothing to do with it, but when he finds out that Lainey got a part in The Phantom of The Opera playing the lover of Adam’s character, he tries to get a part in the musical anyway. As he confuses the name of the musical with The Phantom of The Oprah, Ms. Cinoman doesn’t want to give Barry a role on stage so he gets a part behind the scenes. Barry is jealous of Adam and doesn’t want him and Lainey to have a showmance so he has to make sure that they don’t kiss during rehearsal. After a failed attempt to interrupt them with a chandelier and accidentally knocking down Ms. Cinoman, he decides to sabotage the musical by telling the official producers about their unauthorized school production, which means that the musical rehearsals have to stop. Adam finds out that Barry is the one who sabotaged the musical, and while Lainey likes it that Barry did that for her, Adam is hurt. Barry feels bad about what he did and apologizes to Adam by telling him he wasn’t just jealous because of Lainey, he was also confused about the theater world because it is something he isn’t good at. And instead of being embarrassed that Adam likes theater, he is proud of his little brother.

Meanwhile, Erica figures out the perfect schedule to make her senior year a blow-off year where she doesn’t have to do a lot. She makes one fatal mistake though: she chooses home economics, which usually stands for a guaranteed A, but when Beverly finds out that the students aren’t really taught anything in the class, she takes over. She becomes Erica’s substitute teacher in home ec and starts to really teach the students about how to run a house. When Erica tells Beverly that the class is too hard and the other students agree, she gives the whole class an F. Principal Ball and Coach Mellor tell her that she can’t do that because everybody has to pass the class, so Beverly gives up. After seeing his wife struggle with the problems at school, Murray shows Erica why home ec is important and how much Beverly has done to make sure that Erica can go to college. Erica realizes what Beverly has done for her and that she still has a lot to learn from her. She apologizes to her mom and they make a lasagna together for the whole family.

The thing that I probably loved most about the whole episode was the amount of recurring characters. We hadn’t seen Ms. Cinoman in a while, and it was great to have her back. In fact the whole storyline about the musical was a lot of fun, especially seeing Dave Kim as the phantom was great. The B-plot had some great moments as well, from Bev’s hilarious scenes in the classroom (featuring one of her best sweaters yet) to the heartwarming ending (featuring the most burned lasagna I’ve ever seen), it was all really great! All in all, another fantastic episode with a lot of fun guest stars and a happy ending.

Rating: 9/10