The Great Indoors: (S01E06) “Going Deep”



Eddie is dealing with the finalization of his divorce. It’s clear that the whole ordeal is bothering him more than he wants to let on, but Jack doesn’t seem to be equipped to deal with a friend crisis like that, so it makes for a hilarious downward spiral. Jack means well, but it’s not quite what Eddie needs. Enter Brooke, the exact person who is built to handle something like this. 

At the office the crew has been tasked to test out fitness trackers. Instead of competing for who can take the most steps, Jack flips it around and the winner of the coveted Beyoncé concert tickets would be the one who takes the least steps. It’s a mess from start to finish, and it gets even messier when Mason figures out that Clark has a crush on Emma.

While Clark, Emma and Mason (who is holding Clark’s crush as leverage for the competition) continue to do nothing, Brooke and Jack are in a competition to see who can be the better friend to Eddie. Brooke comes up with an idea for a “Divorce Registry”. so Eddie can regain some of thing material possessions he lost. It seems like a good idea until Brooke want’s to add something to her wedding registry, and it has expired (clearly she is upset by this). Now Jack has to try to deal with two damaged friends.

Meanwhile, Emma, Clark and Mason are trying to sabotage one another. Until Clark confesses to Mason that he’s had a crush on Emma for a long time and that the only reason he wanted to win the Beyoncé tickets is because she would have a lesser chance of saying no to him. That’s when true friendship kicks into high gear. Mason steps and insures that Clark will be victorious, sending Emma on a wild “Beyonce” chase. 

Brooke took Jack’s advice to talk to her fiance about the really long engagement, and when they finally settle on a date, Jack almost seems bothered by it, but that can’t be, he’s not supposed to have feelings.. right? 

Friendship reigns supreme on all spectrum’s, and Clark actually gets to take Emma to the concert. I’d say it’s a feel good episode filled with laughs. As the series progresses you get to see more into the characters lives. It’s a feel good sit-com. 


Rating: 8/10