Van Helsing (S01E12) “He’s Coming”

Tonight’s episode revealed quite a lot about our dear Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) with how he came to meet betraying Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) but I have to admit with this getting closer to the Season Finale its truly getting better and better and have I mentioned how excited I am that it got renewed for a Season 2?  But I have to admit this series literally is bad ass in many ways! I am so looking forward to the season finale and seeing how everything will leave us hanging for the 2nd Season! But lets get to the recap of the show!

In this episode: We see Julius (Aleks Paunovic) questioning Magdalene’s (Gwynyth Walsh) loyalty. When she says her loyalty is always to Julius he lets her live to reveal that loyalty. We are then taken to Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and Mohammad (Trezzo Mahoro) running from Vampire Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) when they run through the river Sam immediately stops not chasing them through the river. Mohammad knew he wouldn’t run through the water revealing later that Sam almost drowned and has been afraid of water ever since then. As Mohammad and Vanessa then get to a cabin Vanessa asks Mohammad how he came to be with Sam in the first place.

Mohammad then tells Vanessa when him and his sister Sheema (Naika Toussaint) were captured by Dimitri (Paul Johansson) that Sam found him almost dead from escaping and had to leave Sheema back there but Sam helped him and ever since he was with Sam since the hospital. But Mohammad never knew about Sam being the killer nor did he ever know about Sam always being a killer. The next day Mohammad then suggests to Vanessa that perhaps his sister Sheema is still at the same vampire base camp where he escaped from so many years ago. Vanessa then suggests that perhaps her daughter could also be at the camp, the two of them then get on the move heading towards the camp.

We then see our two heroes Mohammad and Vanessa take a short rest when they are attacked by Sam. Vanessa and Sam have a pretty intense fight while Mohammad ran inside this mobile home. Sam then about to bite into Vanessa then has second thoughts since she has the smell of death upon her. Vampire Sam then goes to Mohammad and gives him an offer to turn him but Mohammad denies the offer and Vanessa then shoots vampire Sam in the face with a flare gun, blinding vampire Sam.

Meanwhile, Julius then decides its time for him to confront Dimitri and to try to take his place. He is advised he shouldn’t be so eager to go after Dimitri but Julius tells he is not afraid and then goes. Scab (Rowland Pidlubny) then brings vampire Sam to Magdalene thinking he would be rewarded greatly for bringing in one of the recently turned vampires who was human at the hospital with the woman. Magdalene then demands after feeding vampire Sam all that he knows about “the special woman” and the one that is dear to poor vampire Sam “Mohammad” but Sam demands for Magdalene to leave the boy out of this he’s his kill.

When Mohammad and Vanessa get to the camp they agree to split up and regroup by the truck. Vanessa then goes in search of her daughter thinking that Mohammad is telling the truth in the direction shes heading to is where the children are being kept. But Vanessa then finds a horrifying discovery in what seems like a workshop. She finds women trapped in bags when the Butcher comes back from draining the blood out of one of his latest victims he smells the blood of Vanessa. He demands for her to come out and the two of them then have their fight where it leads to Vanessa taking a drill to the back of the Butcher’s head.

Meanwhile with Julius; Julius then comes to Dimitri to find out why he casted him away from his side. Dimitri then reveals he never wanted to cast away Julius he wanted him to be at his sister Rebecca (Laura Mennell) side but instead he chose to defy his orders and go after “the woman” but failed and Julius makes a point that Dimitri failed as well. Dimitri then tries making it easy for Julius to kill him but force pushes him back then chokes him telling him a little secret that not all the ancients are dead and if Julius comes back to Dimitri’s side he will reveal all to Julius (I wonder what he will choose?)

Back with our two heroes; Vanessa then finds out from an old woman that this camp is not a camp its a blood farm the old woman then gives Vanessa a chance to run before its too late. Vanessa then runs back to the truck in hopes that Mohammad will return, she searches for the keys but Mohammad had taken them just before they split up. When Mohammad returns its a trap forcing Dimitri to finally get his hands on Vanessa.

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