Z Nation (S03E12) “The Siege of Murphytown”

Review. Warning, this review contains spoilers. In this episode we finally see the confrontation between Warren and Murphy! Although Warren’s personality has changed since the last time we saw her, she still is the voice of the reason, and Murphy, well, he still believes he’s right and that he’s giving people hope. There are also some big news for Citizen Z and 10K, which I’m sure will bring more fun to future episodes.

Addy is in pursuit of The Man, and luckily for her, little Lucy managed to leave a trail of Zs pointing on the direction she must follow.

10K is on his way to capture Warren but things don’t turn out as he planned and Warren knocks him up and capture him. When he wakes up, Roberta faces him and find his order from Murphy. She gets furious, saying he’s not the 10K she knows anymore and injects him with the original vaccine in an attempt to give him back his free will. Minutes later, surprise! Murphy appears — of course, he’s not alone but with his brainwashed minions — and argues with Warren, they both have completely opposite points of view about what is wrong and right during the apocalypse. Then, Murphy spares their lives and leaves the site, taking 10K with him. But Warren won’t back off. She’s determined to stop Murphy by all means and sticks up with her original plan: attract everyone’s attention to one site while the rest of the team cuts the power and she and Sun Mei sneak into Murphy’s place. The plan succeeds, and Murphy’s blends split up to face Warren and her team.

10K and Auerbach are given the mission to restore the electricity. But on their way they’re attacked by Red Hands members who kill Auerbach but leave 10K alive. At this point the vaccine Warren injected him seems to be working because Zs try to eat him, and when he’s about to be bitten Red and 5K save him. As 10K already felt the effects of the vaccine, he thinks Red and 5K are hallucinations and rushes back to Murphy’s lab where he finds Sun Mei taking Doctor Merch’s research and tries to stop her, but Red and 5K arrive seconds laters. 10K still believes they are only in his head and Red kisses him to prove him wrong. He helps Sun Mei to get what she needs but they are captured by Murphy’s men.

While Warren is looking for Murphy, she runs into Hope —  Will Chaffin’s wife — and kills her. Before dying, Hope tells her that Murphy loves her. Warren takes Hope’s brains and offers it to Murphy. They get into a big argument but when Warren is about to shoot him, little Cassidy appears, making her stop, and soon more blends back-up arrive to the room. When Murphy is given his triumphant speech they see the “Operation Bite-Mark plane” flying out the window. Warren says it might be Citizen Z with some news from Lucy, which concerns Murphy, and they all head to the landing zone. There Simon tells them that Lucy has been kidnapped by the Man, and both parties make an truce in order to rescue the girl.

  • Bowden’s death was one of the saddest deaths I saw.
  • The return of Red and 5K made my day. I’m glad to see them back
  • Kaya is pregnant and I didn’t see that coming. Amazing. I wonder how’s gonna be Simon and Uncle Kaskae’s journey back to Northern Light.
  • Is 10K finally free fromMurphy’s mind control?
  • Will Sun Mei be able to make a vaccine?
  • Where is Hector?