Timeless (S01E08) “Space Race”

It seems that 1969 wasn’t only just the space race of Apollo 11 but a personal one at that for one person.

When Flynn and Anthony learn about the Apollo 11 mission from one of the men that was there at mission control, he heads back to 1969 and takes the young guy out and uses his access card fro Anthony to get in, as Flynn took on as a repairman.

Their plan, to stop the Apollo 11 on a successful mission, by sabotaging the computer system with a virus (something that hasn’t been heard of back then). Lucy and the gang get there with new identity (Wyatt an FBI agent named Mulder, Rufus a janitor and Lucy a secretary for which she did like)).

As the Apollo 11 was about to land on the moon, things take a turn for the worst when the computers went down and lost communications with their astronauts caused by a virus that Anthony put in. Rufus and the gang meet and discuss their plan, Rufus and Lucy deals with the crisis while Wyatt follows Flynn.

Anthony tells Flynn that Rufus couldn’t fix what they have caused, even though Flynn was pretty upset that they got back home in the previous episode. But never underestimate Rufus. Even though he could do it all, he asked for one person’s help that knows a lot more, Katherine Johnson.

Rufus and Lucy tries to convinces her to help and she does. The three work on  it and with her help Rufus got it all fixed, by just deleting the virus. But a standoff between Anthony and Rufus occurred, but Rufus gives him a surprising remark when he  held a gun to his head but then shoots one of his guard.

Meanwhile, Flynn meets with a woman, Maria Tompkins, for the second time, after they met when he was a janitor and stealing codes for the computers. He talks to her like he knows her well and being nice unlike any other. But Wyatt talked to her about Flynn, just as they were done talking, Flynn was there with her son, Gabriel, a shot of epinephrine due to a bee sting.

As Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus made it back to present day, they learned Flynn’s bio. It turns out that he had or should I say has a half-brother name Gabriel, who has an allergic reaction to bee stings. Of course, this upsets Lucy because Flynn’s using the machine to fix his lives, while they can’t do anything. But Agent Christopher tells them that they know and they’ll work on it as soon as Flynn is caught or dead.

Near the end, Lucy talks to Rufus as he reflects on what they just went through and he expresses that after shooting that guard, he didn’t feel a thing. Emotionless would be a proper way to say it.

This was a really good episode that surprised me at times, one of them being that the kid was his half-brother. I would have thought that it was him as a child, if that was the case (as my brother expressed) there would have been a bad reaction if the two meet. Thanks bro!!

Malcolm Barrett was amazing in this episode as Rufus, who really grew as a character taking on Anthony and calling his bluff of shooting anyone. He can so don’t piss him off. Also Goran Visnjic was really good too. But I thought Abigail Spencer’s character had a really good moment with one of the men at NASA, after dealing with one guy about getting him coffee, she tells him straight about it that he shouldn’t try drinking the coffee that she would made him. I thought it was just hilarious and one that stood out.

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