Family Guy: (S15E08) “Carter and Tricia”

Carter Pewterschmidt, Lois’ father buys the Pawtucket Patriot Brewery in this episode. He’s ecstatic to find Peter works there and proceeds to humiliate him with outrageous menial tasks, such as working at a standing desk.  He also plans to use toxic chemicals in the brewery’s beer cans to save money; “Contaminating the water supply” 

When Peter overhears Carter’s plans he contacts journalist Tricia Takanawa of Quahog Channel 5 news. Peter lacks evidence so Tricia decides to go straight to Carter to confirm or deny. Carter falls immediately for Tricia. He puts his wife, Babs in an institution after she breaks down due to the situation and he moves in with Tricia.

During a family dinner, Tricia grows on Peter in a maternal way. Carter’s “fat son” calls her “Tiger mom” and he too is “in love” However, Tricia is using Pewter’s attachment to get the story on the Brewery waste situation.  In the bedroom, Tricia gets Pewter to own up to the contamination plan as foreplay.  When he does, the hidden cameras service and Tricia has her story, ending the relationship.  She was literally undercover for this assignment and is to be awarded a local Emmy.

 Carter and Peter want to get back at Tricia for breaking their hearts, so they decide to crash the awards event to humiliate her.  However, due to a series of events that proved enlightening, the plan is dropped.  It is here that Peter realizes the problem was not Tricia, yet he and Carter fell in love too soon.  He felt the need to replace his mom and Carter wanted to experience youth and vitality again. They thought Tricia was the means for this experience. This season has proven to be strong in Peter’s revelations that it really is, “all about him” After he goes through his Peter stuff and shenanigans; he seems to have a clearer understanding of his role in whatever played out. This makes this season a plus for me. Growing up?

 In addition, in a sub tale’; we have a nice reminder that dogs are color blind. When Brian runs a “gray light” Joe takes his license, because they are expired.  Stewie comes to the rescue and acts as his driving instructor, boning him up to test again. He passes by way of a mutual understanding and favor with the examiner. However the best part is when Stewie reminds Brian that he now owes him and he must do whatever he asks. As Brian hesitantly begins to agree, Stewie runs to Brian’s car, before he can respond.  He jumps up and down in the seats, screaming for ice cream!  It’s here we’re reminded that this talking baby in all of his genius, is still a baby and ice cream is the best of everything! Perfect!