Last Man On Earth (S03E08) “Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem”

Review: Last week ended with two members of the Tucson crew gone. We have Gail stuck in an elevator that nobody knows about and Melissa who’s missing after leaving a note. So obviously, a big part of the episode is about the group, mostly Todd, searching for Melissa. They go around and try to find her without any luck and after a few days the group wants to give up, but Todd wants to keep searching.

Throughout the episode we also see that Carol is worried about Gail. She hasn’t been home in a couple of days, and didn’t take any of her wines (which is definitely alarming in Gail’s case). In the meantime, Gail has been trying to get the attention of the others by shooting her gun, but nobody outside the building can really hear it. She tries to open the doors of the elevator, but even then she still can’t get out. When Carol keeps pushing that they have to search for her mom too, it leads to a conflict between Todd and Carol because Todd obviously thinks that Melissa is in need of help more than Gail right now. When Tandy tells Carol that Todd might be right, she apologizes and the three of them go to Zihuatanejo (like in the Shawshank Redemption) to find Melissa there.

On their way there they find the old prison bus without gas at a store, assuming Melissa used it while in fact it was Gail, they realize that one of the cars she must’ve used to get back to the building is in the parking lot of one of the other buildings. They go back and right when they almost discover where Gail is, Melissa shows up.

The episode ended a bit anticlimactic when Melissa just showed up out of nowhere and the group thought they had nothing to look for in Gail’s building. It wasn’t really the satisfying ending I hoped for (although Tandy’s shrug when he thought the gunshot actually came from the building was pretty funny) because there was so much buildup in the episode that it was a bit disappointing that Melissa was just there all of a sudden.

While Forte’s maneuvers in the dinosaur suit were hilarious (but a bit pointless. Why would he be in a dinosaur suit?), it didn’t make up for the lack of story development in this episode. Mel Rodriguez was once again great this week, and his performance was the best part of the episode.

See you next week for Last Man On Earth’s fall finale. Toddspeed!

Rating: 7/10