Once Upon A Time: (S06E10) “Wish You Were Here”


After finding the sword in Emma’s visions, Regina, Hook and Emma decided to know who it belongs to. On the way to Regina’s vault, they found the Evil Queen in front of Robin Hood’s grave. Regina was so protective of him even after death. The Evil Queen said some things that pushed Emma to use the sword to hurt the Evil Queen and it turned out that the sword can hurt the queen and sparing Regina. Emma almost killed her. Rumplestiltskin saw what Emma did to the Evil Queen and was so glad because he’s still mad at her for doing something bad to Belle, ruining their relationship more.

Rumplestiltskin was on a mission of finding his son. After using his magic, he wasn’t able to locate it because the Black Fairy got his son from the Blue Fairy. From my previous review, I said that we’ll never know about the Black Fairy but I think we’ll be able to know more about her in the future episodes.

Meanwhile, Jasmine and Aladdin were sent back to Agrabah. I wonder if we’ll see more about their adventures in Agrabah. Also, the hooded figure came out from a portal and arrived in Storybrooke. The hooded figure turned the Evil Queen into a snake. 

The Evil Queen get ahold of the magic lamp and she wished for Emma to be not the savior sending her to the Wish Realm. Regina being the same with the Evil Queen managed to wish also and be sent to where the Genie took Emma to save her. The wish realm is a place where things are not “real”. Regina managed to wake up Emma from the Wish Realm and saved her but something happened that hinders them from going back to Storybrooke. That something being a someone in a form of Robin Hood. 

My theory about the hooded figure:

  • Is it possible that it will be Rumplestiltskin and Belle’s son?
  • But, I have a feeling that Rumplestiltskin and Belle’s son will be Robin Hood.

Anything is possible right now with Once Upon A Time. It will return next year, March 2017. For the meantime, let us discuss how the story will move forward.