Shameless (S07E10) “Ride or Die”

Was this Cameron Monaghan’s last episode on Shameless? Well, condolences to all the Ian Gallagher stans but this in fact maybe true. As the show might be coming to an end soon (well maybe not), contracts are expiring and rumor has it Cameron (and Emmy Russom too) weren’t willing to renew their contracts for another season. Well no need to worry as yet since these are just rumors, we won’t know what exactly is going on until Showtime either makes the decision to cancel or renew the the for another season.

That being said, this very promising episode of Shameless was a bit of a let to be honest. After what seems like an eternity, Mickey Milkovich made his triumphant return, but plotwise it was pretty darn obvious things were not going to easily return to the way they were for him and Ian. When you think about it, Ian’s life has been very different without Mickey. As Fiona pointed out, it’s been better. Ian has a career and a purpose in life, but going on the lam with Mickey will not do much for his long-term aspirations. “Ride or Die” is a perfect title for this episode considering Mickey is Ian’s ride or die, and after genuinely going back and forth he decides to make a big decision and run off to Mexico with Mickey.

What I see here is Cameron Monaghan getting written off the show but I think the writers did a horrible job of doing so. The pacing was really off, plus at the end it seemed liken there was this big time jump that came out of nowhere. I don’t think there was, but that’s what it felt like. He also left things unresolved with Trevor. I am not a big fan of this Trevor character myself, but it was kinda sad how Ian still talked to him like there was nothing wrong while he was technically cheating on him with Mickey, and didn’t even think to mention he was running away with Mickey at the end. I think the big problem here was not enough time was dedicated to concluding this plotline in the episode. We had to sit though over 30+ minutes of Fiona making her decision to sell the laundromat, Lip’s alcoholism, and Frank and Monica’s idiotic schemes to get money. Because of so much going on Ian’s big decision felt rushed. Let’s just hope that wasn’t the endgame for Ian and Mickey, I’d love to see the plot get a better conclusion that what we saw this episode. But even if there is more Ian and Mickey scenes to come….will things end well for the couple?