Teen Wolf (S06E04) “Relics”

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Guess who’s on the hunt with Argent this glorious night? Talkative Mamma McCall! I know she doesn’t mean to be talkative since she does seem nervous in my opinion. But all the talking goes to a halt when dead bodies appear in the woods & falling out of trees. I wonder if this is the work of Mr. Douglas?

Malia get shot by Argent since she was kind of running in the wrong place at the wrong time. An poor old Argent had to suffer while the bullet got pulled out. They boy find out that the ghost riders can travel by lightning when they re-looked at the large mark on Scott’s ceiling. (Mason actually figured that out, such a smart kid.) But now that they know how to track them, how will they protect them. Well, Mason wants to hide them but Liam wants to fight them. Scott chooses on hiding them instead of fighting them.

With a few words to convince the students to get into the bunker they knew nothing about, the battle is surly going near. Plus they have Argent & Malia babysiting, what could go wrong. Meanwhile Lydia is trying to find a relic that Stiles may have left behind so they can remember him (they found out a little earlier that Relics are things people leave behind that are taken, so there’s a possibility they can be brought back). But Claudia stops her dead in her tracks when Lydia listens to a ghost that tells her, “It’s right there in your face!” Meaning the wallpaper she was standing in front of last episode, she wanted to peel it off but Claudia was a tad hostile with her.

Back at the school not everyone is in the bunker! So the boys have to defend them on the playing field (Coach didn’t want excuses he wanted them on the field) & Malia and Argent had to go hunt down Nathan. On the field Mason figures out the Ghost Riders don’t like Parrish, but he finds that gravely wrong when Parrish defends them from on of the Riders bullets. All his flames went out. Now what?! Run I guess! Meanwhile Lydia hasn’t given up hope just yet & searches more on Claudia. Her mom finds it a bad idea at first but once they talk it out & head to the hospital, it’s game on! Mamma McCall is so cool about checking those records but have no luck. Except finding out she survived a major condition for like 10 years! Crazy right.

In the end the gang failed at protect all the students out there, Scott noticed he should’ve done both plans, Scott & Malia want to give up on looking for Stiles since she couldn’t find a relic, Argent gets hurt (not too badly), & Lydia doesn’t want to give up. Liam does feel defeated after loosing so many people, but wants to fight on, so he wants to catch a Ghost Rider? Liam, you just made this operation a whole lot more complicated

#RememberStiles His JEEP is still there! That’s his relic! NOTICE THE JEEP! The passed it in the last scene! Notice it! GAH!