Chicago Fire (S05E08): “One Hundred”


Last night’s episode was a milestone for Chicago Fire. “One Hundred” presents heartwarming plot lines for beloved characters alongside dramatic fire rescues.

The anniversary of Molly’s is a fun, light hearted story for Chicago fans. It also gives the writers a perfect way to thank viewers. But what was so interesting with this storyline was the twists and turns it took. When the reporter’s story published, this added a level of curiosity – would Molly’s really succeed after this party? I enjoyed how the writers put their own original twist on this commonly used idea.

Dawson and Casey’s marriage was beautiful. In a way, I think the impromptu wedding was perfect for their relationship. Dawson and Casey haven’t done anything normal, and now they will get to be mother and father to Louis – or, we hope. Louis’ father returning is quite the cliffhanger. What do you think will happen? Hopefully they bring some of these issues into Chicago Justice crossovers because that would be very interesting.

Looking onto future episodes, I really hope Louis’ character is developed more. I understand he’s a child, but he says maybe a word in every episode he’s in. I know he is a shy person, but I think we really need to hear more from him in order to connect with him more. Especially if there is going to be a custody battle, it’s important we hear his opinions from him.

What are you looking forward to when the show returns in January 3rd?